ace: dead at forty?

a work of fiction by: mr.e wright-orr
award winning kiss exclusive magazine - summer 1979

ace frehley has said that he expects to be someplace else
when he's 40!
does that mean he expects to be dead at that age
- or does he have something else up his studded sleeve?
will death claim ace frehley at 40? the answer lies within!

oh, no, say it is'nt so. it can't be true. heaven help us all. say it ain't so, ace. tell us you were only kidding when you said you'd be dead by the time your 40. but it's true, is'nt it? heavy sigh. bring out the hankies, go get the kleenex. ace frehley claims he's going to be dead by the time he's 40.

how can it be? what's the matter, ace? are you that jealous that gene simmons has a longer tongue than you? or is it that peter gets first crack at the makeup? maybe you're upset that paul has higher heels than you do. what is it, why do you think you'll be dead by the time your 40?

you've got everything you could possibly want. you have money, fame, a beautiful and loving wife. you've even got your own toy spaceship. what more could you want? there must be something which makes you think you won't be around after 40.

why is ace frehley such a prophet of doom? does he really believe he'll be dead at the age when most people really begin living? what's really behind ace's feeling of impending death? did he really mean he'd be dead, or did he mean he just would'nt be on this planet?

well, ace is a complex man. he's very caught up in the world of mysticism and outer space fantasies. when he says something, it usually has several implications. but for him to say he did'nt expect to be around when he was 40 was really shocking - even for ace.

let's get one thing straight. the first thought which probably entered your devilish little minds when you read that ace said he'd be gone by 40 was that he was considering suicide. well, exorcise that horrid thought from your heads. ace would never consider killing himself. he panics when he gets a paper cut.

perhaps ace meant he'd be all played out by the time he was 40. let's face it, kiss parties a lot. plus, they expend a tremendous amount of energy on stage. it would not be too hard for ace to run himself ragged, to cause himself to drop dead from exhaustion. it's happened to other performers, most notably elvis presley.

or, horror of horrors, maybe ace feels he'll be done in by his fans. yes, his fans. so, please, don't stomp ace, he hates to put on fresh makeup.

if ace fears death at 40, there must be a good reason. maybe he thinks he might be assassinated. after all, he is a public figure. some maniac might want to make a name for himself by killing someone famous, and who more famous than someone in kiss? is there another lee harvey oswald in our midst?

yet it seems improbable that ace really lives in stark-raving fear of any of the above. knowing ace, it's more likely to assume that he did'nt mean he'd be dead at 40 - just somewhere else. sounds confusing, does'nt it? well, ace frehley is a complicated man.

we've already mentioned his love for the supernatural and outer space. ace has hinted that he might be on another planet by the time he's 40. no, he's not kidding, he's deadly serious. don't laugh, ace means business.

he feels that man's technology will improve in the not-too-distant future. ace wants to be a pioneer in space, travelling to other planets. ace has even harbored thoughts of building his own spaceship and travelling through the galaxy.

ace thinks that life on this planet is on the dull side. sure, being with kiss is exciting. if you think gene simmons is weird, you should see some of the creatures they have in space. ace can't wait to meet them.

he wants to travel where no other human has ever travelled before. ace thinks it would be the ultimate pleasure to meet aliens. he would love nothing better than to perform a concert on another planet.

you can bet if it's at all possible, no matter how hard, ace will find a way to get to outer space. it may not be easy as catching the main street bus, but where there's an ace, there's a way.

but why 40? why has ace picked that age to want to leave this planet? was it just a random choice? we doubt that. ace usually is in charge of his thoughts, leaving nothing to chance. forty is supposed to be a golden age. most people's kids are grown and they can finally relax, basking in life's glory. forty would seem to be an age when everyone should want to be alive. why not ace?

well, knowing ace, he probably feels that forty is a perfect age. he will have been able to experience the good life on this planet. he will have had many good times by then. ace will have tons of happy memories. he will have enjoyed his younger days as few people have ever enjoyed their younger days.

on the other hand, ace will still be young enough to live a full, rich life on another world. he'll be able to be adventurous without being too timid. ace will have many good years ahead of him on whatever other world he moves to. it will truly be a case of having your cake and eating it too. he'll spend the first half of his life on earth, hailed as a rock great, then be able to fill out the rest of his days on another world. he might even become a hero on two planets. ace would really relish that.

being on another planet at the age of forty--it's really a fascinating, mind boggling thought. anyone else who thought of it would be considered fair fodder for the nuthouse, but ace frehley is different and is to be taken seriously. who knows, maybe he really did mean he'd be dead (as in pushing up daisies) by the time he's forty, but it seems so much more palatable to believe that he only meant he'd being living on some other sphere.

if ace really means what he said, then he has ten more years of life with us. the seconds are ticking away. mark the days on your calendar--ace frehley may not be with us that much longer. hear that guys in kiss, you better start looking for a replacement in kiss. ace only has ten more years as your guitarist, you know how fast time flies when you're having a ball.

ace frehley, dead at forty--lets hope we never read that obituary. if ace isn't with us at forty, it's more likely he'll be on another planet and not in heaven (or hell, as the case may be). whatever happens between now and then, we know ace will continue to give us all many happy moments with kiss. let's just hope that he doesn't give us the big kiss off before it's his time to go. but the kiss of death may soon claim ace. who says life begins at forty?

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