kiss: a contract out
on their lives?

a work of fiction by: kelly doge
kiss special magazine - fall 1979

the fbi has decided to reveal to the public that the infamous mob have put out a contract on kiss' lives. read all about this startling plan and what is being done to protect kiss. you won't believe it.

some shocking news has suddenly come to light. it seems that there are rumors flying, fast and furiously, about a contract being put out on kiss' lives. the mob is supposedly out to get them. if kiss does'nt watch out, they may soon find themselves packed in cement, floating in a river.

the guys, gene, ace, paul and peter were horrified when they learned the news. they simply could'nt believe it. naturally, their first response was, 'why would anyone want to kill us?" the fbi informed them of all the sordid details.

the bureau has agreed, after much heated discussion and pleading (on our part), to let us reveal the whole plan, in hopes of frightening the hit man away. they want him to feel the heat and run.

it seems that kiss is a threat to organized crime. kiss are big business - they gross millions each year. the mob does'nt like this fact. you see, they have holdings in the rock industry. they stand behind performers who shall remain nameless (for fear of our own lives). they want their boys to have all the spotlight.

the main obstacle to the mob's group taking over happens to be a group called kiss. they are the most popular rock group in the world. millions of fans flock to see them wherever they appear. these loyal fans also spend millions upon millions of dollars buying kiss souvenirs.

this really upsets the notorious mob. they want their men to reap all the marketing rewards, but no other group can put a dent in kiss' popularity. the mob needed to come up with a solution to put kiss out of the picture. they did'nt care how this was accomplished. they figured the best way would be to put out a contract on kiss - get them out of the way for good.

they hired a hit man. however, one of the fbi's informers told them of the plot. the bureau was stunned. kiss were horrified. to think, just because they want to please their fans and do their best, someone would want to kill them. they began travelling incognito, using phony names. let's face it - they were scared. you would be, too, if your life was threatened.

the mob's plan was to gun down kiss during one of their sold-out concerts. they would pick one where there were many fans present. in this way, there would be a mass confusion after the shooting. in the ensuing chaos and panic, the killer could easily get away - unnoticed. this way, the mob could'nt be linked to the killing. it was the perfect plan. and even the informer did'nt know when the hit was scheduled to take place.

for the time being, there is little that kiss or the fbi can do. they have to sit back and wait. this is sheer agony for kiss. imagine, knowing someone is out to kill you, but not knowing when or where. the boys are having horrid nightmares because of this planned murder.

yet they are conducting their lives as usual - except when they travel under their assumed names. they refuse to cancel any of their concert dates - they will not give in to fear. yet gene, ace, paul and peter realize that at any concert, they could be gunned down - in cold blood. this blood is the real kind, not gene's fake mixture.

the fbi really don't have any further leads in the case. just the original news which their informant told them. but you can bet they are putting extra security men out at every kiss concert from now on. who knows, the person sitting in the seat next to you could very well be an fbi agent - he could also be a killer.

so, the bureau advises all kiss fans to be careful if you attend a kiss concert. and they implore you to please report anything that looks strange - person or event - to a police officer in attendance. your cooperation may mean the difference between saving the lives of kiss or seeing them executed before your eyes.

kiss' managers are trying to book them at only select places, where they know every possible security measures can be taken. they are taking no chances, sparing no expense in seeing to it that kiss stay protected at all times.

for now, it's all a game of cat-and-mouse. and kiss are caught in the middle. they are living in constant fear, yet are trying their damnedest to act as if nothing unusual is happening. it's sheer torture. they are hoping and praying that the intended hit man somehow gets caught - and soon.

the main reason that kiss and the fbi are hoping for is that this article will scare off the killer and the mob. if they know their plan is known, they probably won't be so anxious to go ahead with it. there's nothing anyone can do now. kiss are holding their collective breath. all anyone can do is hope and pray that the mob will now call off their contract. their secret is out - let's hope kiss will be spared.

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