name: ace frehley
birthday: april 27
sign: taurus
ever hear the expression
"stubborn as a bull"?

ace's bright side:

the solid,steady taurus is the friend you'll always be able to count on. once you have a taurus as a friend, he'll lend you an ear to any problems you might have, get you out of a jam, or do that favor you've asked him for. it may take some time, but the taurus will come through! and as a family man, this guy's got love and loyalty to spare! the taurus is a man of courage. he'll never back down when there's trouble, and he'll do his best to keep trouble from the people closest to him. he'll often keep his feelings in to avoid making someone else feel bad or uncomfortable. the taurus is very cool under pressure - when he wants to be. a typical taurus will take everything in stride. he almost never worries, he's not nervous, and usually very predictable in his behavior. the taurus takes no chances - once he makes his mind up about something it stays made up.

ace's dark side:

the taurus was the inspiration for the word stubborn! once decided on a plan of action, there is no stopping him from doing exactly what he's set out to do. the taurus will get it done his way! although the taurus is rarely cruel, he'll let you know where he stands either by shutting up or blowing up. not only can a taurus be grumpy, but if embarrassed badly can really fly off the handle. the taurus really needs to feel like he's in charge of the situation - and himself. the taurus loves to stay at home - in familiar surroundings - more than anything else.

the chinese zodiac consists of a 12 year cycle, each year of which is named after a different animal. many chinese believe that the year of a persons birth is the primary factor in determining that persons personality traits, physical and mental attributes and degree of success and happiness throughout his lifetime.

ace frehley - 1951 - the rabbit

the rabbit is talented and articulate. they are also affectionate and shy. the rabbit is the kind of person people like to be around. they have a tendancy though, to get too sentimental and seem superficial. the rabbit is reserved and very artistic. they may seem easy going, but they are actually quite cunning.

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