the lynn chronicles

chapter 3

next it was time to start my life outside of high school.

i cut my hair to achieve the "nina blackwood" look.
i enrolled in a 2 year course at
greenville technical college
and graduated with an associates degree
in secretarial science.
i wanted this to fall back on
because i realized i loved music and musicians
and wanted to be one of them.

the summer of 1983 i met ken swanger
(who later would become my husband
and creator of this website).

and we formed the band-

we got the name from a canadian kiss fan club
(who had taken the name from kiss' the elder).
we liked the meaning of it - a solemn promise, dedication, a pledge.

my cousin david ingle joined us on bass.
after a lot of practice we began working steadily.
we also recorded 2 original releases
"broken promises" and "grunge rock lives".
(believe it or not, we coined the phrase
"grunge rock" way before nirvana.)

check out "cut a deal" in real audio!

cut a deal

copyright-prison records 1991

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