the lynn chronicles

chapter 4 (part 2)

my cousin david got married and moved to virginia.
ken decided to switch to bass, and after auditioning many uh, "eccentric" guitar players, we picked robbie boyette.

we took back out on the road with robbie
and added some alternative and metal to our songlist.
we also recorded original material
and had a song included on the compilation cd
"full measure of devotion".

check out
"sweet mercy", "(my world) fades to black", and "tongue"
in real audio!

lynn i. swanger-drums/vocals

ken swanger-bass/vocals

robbie boyette-guitar/vocals

sweet mercy

copyright-boyette music

robbie boyette-lyrics and music

(my world) fades to black

copyright-swanger music

ken swanger- lyrics and music


copyright-boyette music

robbie boyette-lyrics and music

the band has played as kiss on halloween many times
(with my coaxing).

ken spitting blood.
it dried on his bass and never came off.

playing in the band as a full-time job,
i've had many opportunitys to attend
kiss shows, conventions, and autograph sessions.

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