I grew up listening to Motown and R&B music, and after hearing what James Jamerson did on bass on those old Motown hits - I knew what instrument I wanted to play. BASS! My musical tastes are quite diverse - everything from Rock to Swing to Bluegrass - so I have to say I draw musical inspiration from good songs of ANY style. Originally living in San Francisco, I played live and did studio work up and down the Northern California Coast. To increase the number of gigs and studio sessions, as well as to increase my musical aptitude, I began playing upright bass in 1988. I moved to Greenville SC in mid 2002, where I played live and recorded with Hannibal Jones before joining The Oath. The reason I play music is simply because I love it... It's a form of medititaion that helps keep me sane (relatively) and I'll be doing it in some form or other until I can do it no more!

A hardcore San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco Giants fan !


1) Five Eyed Spy - Damn That Conscience (heavy funk rock)

2) Soundpoets - Johnny Walker Red (light rock/americana)

3) Michael Martyn and the Good Medicine Band (folk/country)

4) Bray - A View Of You (soulful/ r&b/funk)

5) Hard Road - Highway 30 (heavy blues rock)

6) Hannibal Jones - Jonah (r&r/blues rock)


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