kiss tribute band

1.) please write a bio for creatures of the night.

cotn was formed in november 1995 after attending the official kiss convention in chicago. mike our drummer is a huge eric carr fan so there was no doubt we would use eric instead of peter. a year went into making our costumes and building our tank stage set. we left no stone unturned. we spent hours watching bootleg videos trying to get all the right moves down.we decided to recreate the 1982-83 tank tour so we could do any song from the entire make-up era.

2.) how is the kiss tribute band business now that the original line-up has reunited?

we have been extremely busy. kiss was actually back together and touring by the time we started so it is hard for me to say if it was better before or not.we have been booked months in advance. we have been all over this year including tennesee,illinois and canada for expos.

3.) what sets creatures of the night apart from other kiss tribute bands?

i think we put alot of time into making sure our stage show is awesome. we have used many differnt types of pyro. we do use a full tank drum riser complete with strobe lights smoking gun. we use flame throwers. i think most bands would have a hard time beating our light and pyro show!

4.) what's the hardest aspect of re-creating a kiss show?

the hardest thing about doing this is people know everything that is suppose to happen and you have to recreate it to a tee or people know. a good example is for a few shows i did not have a guitar to smash at the end of the show. some people were really upset!

5.) which songs do kiss fans request most at your shows?

people always wanna hear the obscure things such as strange ways or i. they also wanna hear the ace songs(rocket ride,new york groove) or stuff from the 80's.

6.) what are your personal favorite kiss songs to perform at shows?

my favorites in order are got to choose, creatures of the night and i.

7.) any interesting creatures of the night road stories?

we played a club in two rivers,wi and the bar owner thew us a party after the gig. our pyro man ended up passing out in the bathroom. i went home at 7 in the morning still in full makeup only to find ace passed out in the parking lot of the club. not in his truck i mean in the parking lot. god only knows what happened to gene and eric!

8.) what was your favorite, and least favorite, creatures of the night gig?

my favorite gig ever was the chicago kiss expo 1998. the crowd was so into everything we did. they were great. my least favorite was at sheboygan,wi when i slipped in genes blood during god of thunder and fell off the stage.

9.) what goals do you wish to achieve as a kiss tribute band?

our main goal is to have fun doing this as long as we can. but we would also like to get onto the kaol tribute cd next spring. for more info on kaol see the link on our website.

10.) what's in the future for creatures of the night?

creatures will keep on rockin through 1999.we also hope to have some original material ready soon. we hope to play as many different places as we can possible handle next year. maybe we'll see some of you out there!

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