do you have any kiss or kiss related
   original photos / artwork / tattoos
    that you would like to share with other kiss fans?
   then e-mail them to us and we'll post them here!
       so, get out your photos, scan 'em ,
    and send them in today to:


      be sure to add your name
      and any info you would like us to add.

kisskonfusion (kiss tribute)

wads (fan in makeup)

kasi (fans in makeup)

tim suderow (fan in makeup)

indigo shift (kiss collage)

paul schile (kiss photos)

joe (outlaw1) (kiss action figures)

anisha loconte (kiss artwork)

sergio guillen and africa paredes (fans in makeup)

crystal lutz (fan in makeup)

jc bennett (kiss artwork)

brian schroeder 2 (fans in makeup)

george and georgie galen (fans in makeup)

joe dimarco (fan in makeup)

mary (ohio) (kiss photos)

mark wright (kiss artwork)

sonya johnston (kiss photo)

rob freeman (kiss artwork)

jerry cassesse (kiss tattoo / bruce kulick)

dani (fan in makeup)

joe m. (kiss artwork)

stan scribner (kiss jacket / fan in makeup)

michele fusco (kiss artwork)

steve albert (kiss tattoo)

james hendricks (fans in makeup / axe bass)

teddy whittenbarger (fan in makeup)

jeff scott (fans in makeup)

mike servis (fan in makeup)

rene (ace photo)

bobby kerr (fan in makeup)

the band not formerly known as kiss (kiss tribute)

marilyn lamour (fan in makeup)

ben wathen (kiss artwork)

carlos gonzalez (kiss photo)

brian smith (kiss artwork)

scott (kiss artwork)

drow (kiss artwork)

john jansky (kiss sculpture/photo)

henrik (kiss tattoo)

trae brinsfield (fan in makeup)

mary (kiss artwork)

jeremy white (kiss artwork)

christine sixteen (fan in makeup)

heather lynn dorsch (kiss artwork)

bishopfire (kiss artwork)

angelica (kiss artwork)

mike forbes (kiss photo)

brian thorsen (kiss tattoo)

demontongue (kiss tattoo)

scottbeer (gene simmons photo)

chez (kiss collection)

j.j and dee (fans in makeup)

tony trucio (fans in makeup)

flavio (fans in makeup)

jay voigt (kiss artwork)

jim ahlstrand (fan in makeup)

mckinley (kiss artwork)

mike storm (punisher bass)

chris granza (fans in makeup / tattoo)

michele fusco (kiss artwork)

robert baxter (fans with paul stanley)

kevin gray (kiss tattoo)

aceman (fan in makeup)

dave (kiss artwork / tickets)

shane young (kiss artwork)

mareike preugschat (kiss artwork)

tony rickard (kiss artwork)

rick stanziale (kiss artwork)

rodrigo cesar (fans in makeup)

rodrigo cesar 2 (fans in makeup)

sohle in west germany (kiss artwork / motorcycle / tattoos)

starman from holland (kiss photos / tattoo)

craig steele (kiss artwork)

gus gall (kiss comic book art)

gus gall 2 (kiss comic book art)

matt buero (fans in makeup)

mack32296 (kiss collage)

teepo in sweden (kiss artwork)

dave in dc (kiss artwork)

marci stanley (fan in makeup)

andrew patche (kiss artwork / fan in makeup)

bentz (kiss fans with gene)

dj rico (kiss artwork)

philip cassidy (kiss artwork)

sudi taariq (kiss picture)

jason betsill (fan in makeup)

zanna nall (kiss artwork)

eric england (kiss artwork)

annick (kiss fan in makeup/tattoos/guitar/artwork)

giovanni de vita (kiss museum)

stephen hoffman (vinnie vincent pictures)

tony baird (fan in makeup)

rui jorge (fan with eric singer)

david mcbrayer (fan kiss room)

matt holmes (fan in makeup)

anna larsson (kiss artwork)

matt (kiss artwork)

paul dahlmann (fan in makeup)

jeff liesenfelder (kiss tattoos)

tony from drc (kiss artwork)

ryan wachtel (fan with tribute)

alan frye (kiss artwork)

kellie (ace picture)

shane dison (fans in make-up)

clint (gene tattoo)

greg stockdale (fan with ace)

thunderfoot ( tribute band photo)

angie monger (air-brushed t-shirt)

bruce dutrow (fan in make-up)

the caveman (kiss tailgate)

ton kooremans (kiss artwork/tattoos)

becky (kiss tattoo)

frehley simmons (kiss artwork)

john ford (fans in makeup)

rhonda (eric singer / alice cooper)

billy (exciter170) (fan in makeup)

jon wardell (kiss artwork)

       erwin wulterkens (kiss pics-ace,e.singer,vinnie)

rob britt (fan in makeup)

mitzi murphy bonnell (paul stanley tattoo)

psychoc84 (kiss action figure collage)

d. michael hart (fans in makeup)

lanky (fan in makeup)

vic twenty george (kiss artwork-smurfs / story)

chris hoffman  (kiss artwork)

chris hoffman (page 2) (kiss artwork)

mark gurto (fans in makeup)

andrew bonnell (kiss artwork)

ruth myers (ace artwork)

paula banas (ace artwork)

chris jordan (fan with paul)

mitzi (fan with paul/t-shirt)

jaccob, dylan, greggory  (fans in makeup)

alain truan  (kiss artwork)

john keller  (kiss artwork)

chris (belgium)  (kiss artwork)

        brian schroeder  (kiss pics - live/fans)

sandra d'jong  (kiss artwork)

replica  (kiss artwork)

bobby kimbrell  (kiss artwork)

richard booth  (fan with gene)

dennis  (fan in makeup)

fred peterson  (live kiss pics)

bryan peterson  (kiss artwork)

lynn bain  (kiss artwork)

simmonsman  (gene tattoo/pic of gene)

      claude dubé  (fans in makeup/kiss cake)

andy patche  (kiss'd tribute/ad)

andreas bennwik  (kiss artwork)

                  jordan and erin garbett  (fans in makeup/john corabi)

tom healy  (fans with ace)

taz  (fan with gene)

matthew marshall  (kiss artwork)

shane loudon  (kiss artwork)

      sue reuter  (peter criss collage/live kiss pics)

robert m. fletcher  (kiss artwork/pics)

josh geyer  (kiss collage)

kyrre wedvik  (kiss collage)

      shawn darling  (fans in makeup/kiss balloons)

mike maniscalco  (kiss pics/fans)

lars soderberg  (kiss artwork)

corey  (kiss artwork)

joe smith  (fans in makeup/kiss cake)

nancy marshall  (fans in makeup)

chris and cherie' legg  (kiss artwork)

dylan henson  (kiss artwork)

jaccob henson  (kiss artwork)

bruce gatewood  (kiss artwork)

kymbae  (kiss artwork)

troy brady  (3-d artwork/kiss guitar)

johnny frederiksen  (live kiss pics)

chris stern  (pics of ace, peter, vinnie)

  dennis yount  (kiss artwork/fans in makeup)

brad  (kiss guitar collection)

ken swanger  (kiss artwork)

joakim ringel  (kiss artwork)

chris nielsen  (kiss artwork)

michelle (chel) parker  (pic of gene)

          paula "aced"  (bill aucoin/fans in makeup/drc)

mark ouellette  (live kiss pics)

chris l8066  (fan in makeup)

marla howard  (live kiss pics)

charlie wangberg  (kiss artwork)

sasha  (kiss artwork)

kathy (sullivan) campbell  (live kiss pics)

    chad olynick  (fans in makeup/ kiss artwork)

    beth and gena simmone  (fans in makeup)

    lynn's band "the oath"  (fans in makeup)


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