in kiss: jan. 1973 - nov. 1982 / + reunion tours

ace frehley - lead guitar / vocals

born - paul daniel frehley
birthdate: april 27,1951
born in: bronx, new york

ace frehley started playing guitar at the age of 13. he lists the instrumental group "the ventures" as his first major musical influence. other influences are jimi hendrix, cream , and the who.

ace frehley was the first lead guitarist for kiss. after kiss had auditioned over 60 lead players, ace tried out and got the job.

the may 1994 issue of guitar world magazine listed ace frehley at #9 in their "the 100 most important people in guitar" article. he was also inducted into the "rockwalk of fame" in hollywood, ca.

ace quit kiss after making the "i love it loud" video. his face is on the original "creatures of the night" album cover, but he did not play on it.

after the success of his first solo album, ace thought he could have more fun making music on his own, and could forgo the tension and politics of kiss. ace rejoined kiss in february of 1996.

kiss releases with ace frehley:

***greatest hits and compilations excluded***

kiss (gold), hotter than hell (gold), dressed to kill (gold),
alive! (4xplatinum), destroyer (3xplatinum),
rock and roll over (2xplatinum), love gun (3xplatinum),
alive2 (4xplatinum), ace frehley (platinum), dynasty (3xplatinum),
unmasked (gold), music from the elder (n/a),
guest appearance on: mtv unplugged (gold),
psycho circus (gold)

notable non-kiss releases from
ace frehley

frehley's comet: frehley's comet
atlantic/megaforce 81749-1/2/4 (us 1987)
produced by eddie kramer and ace frehley

frehley's comet: live+1
81826-1/2/4 (us 1988)
produced by: ace frehley, john regan,
tod howarth and scott mabuchi

frehley's comet: second sighting
81862-1/2/4 (us 1988)
produced by frehley's comet with scott mabuchi

ace frehley: trouble walkin'
atlantic/megaforce 82042-1/2/4 (us 1989)
produced by eddie kramer, ace frehley and john regan

ace frehley: 12 picks
megaforce 020286-1976-2 (us 1997)
(compilation cd + unreleased tracks)

ace frehley: loaded deck
megaforce worldwide 0202861997-2/4 (us 1998)
(compilation cd + unreleased tracks)
produced by: john regan

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