name: gene simmons
birthday: august 25
sign: virgo
cool and collected on the outside
and has a lot more going on inside.

gene's bright side:

you could'nt ask for a better friend,companion or co-worker. when you have a virgo on your side,you can trust him for life - if you don't do something to lose that trust. you can count on virgos to be there when you're ill, and share in your happiness as well. his unselfish nature and devotion to friends and family are virgos most positive points! the virgo is awfully hard to pin down - but when a lady manages the trick, she gets more than she ever imagined! having a virgo as a boyfriend means lots of attention for you. virgos are very organized and will always follow through on every project he starts.

gene's dark side:

for a perfectionist like gene,wondering what you think of his work is always a question he worries about. virgos need your love and appreciation. problem is, he's never quite sure if he's living up to your expectations, so they worry all the time. virgo is intolerant of people who are'nt on the ball. they are incredibly honest, and will call you on anything you might say or do that doesn't seem right. virgos are very demanding in that respect, and very demanding of himself and others. he's not being mean, he just wants you to stay aware - always! if you are the object of a virgos affection, you'll be showered with attention. however,virgos are generally not romantic.

the chinese zodiac consists of a 12 year cycle, each year of which is named after a different animal. many chinese believe that the year of a persons birth is the primary factor in determining that persons personality traits, physical and mental attributes and degree of success and happiness throughout his lifetime.

gene simmons - 1949 - the ox

bright, patient and inspiring to others. the ox can be happy by himself, yet can make an outstanding parent. the ox is conservative, methodical, and good with their hands. they are also prone to being chauvinistic and always demanding their way. the ox hates to fail or be opposed.

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