my name is jim hendricks. since the mid 80's i have worked with several local rock bands, that is until my diabetes put an end to that. anyway, when we would do our halloween gigs, i started to dress as gene simmons. even when i no longer was in the band scene, i would still dress up as gene. the costume is 100% handmade by me. i even built a working axe and punisher bass. i was asked by a baltimore radio station ( 98 rock ) to dress up for the premere of kiss' detroit rock city movie. i learned to play duece and would sit in with a local rock group and do the firebreathing and all.

interested in buying a handmade axe bass? it's similar to the one in my photos but is more accurately detailed. i have over $650 invested into making it and would like to get around $850 for it. it took me about 5 weeks to make. for being homemade it looks and sounds great. i even stuck gene's signature on the headstock. - jim

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