in kiss: sept.1984 - aug.1996

bruce kulick - lead guitar / some vocals

born: bruce kulick
birthdate: december 12, 1953
born in: brooklyn, new york

bruce kulick has been a professional musician and songwriter since 1975.
he has recorded and/or performed with many artists, such as billy squire, michael bolton and meatloaf.

bruce joined kiss to sub for mark st.john, who had acquired reiter's syndrome, a form of arthritis. bruce was asked to stay with the band in september of 1984 after st.john's release.

bruce kulick quit kiss when kiss announced the reunion tour of the original members. he is now with ex-motley crue vocalist john corabi in the group "union".

kiss releases with bruce kulick:

***greatest hits or compilations excluded***

asylum (platinum), crazy nights (platinum),
hot in the shade (platinum), revenge (gold), alive3 (gold),
mtv unplugged (gold), carnival of souls (n/a)

notable non-kiss releases with
bruce kulick

blackjack: blackjack
polydor 8t/ct pd-1-6215 (us 1980)
produced by tom dowd

blackjack: world's apart
polydor 8t/ct/pd-1-6279 (us 1980)
produced by eddy offord

billy squire: tale of the tape
capitol c2-48039 (us 1980)
produced by eddy offord and billy squire

good rats: great american music
great american records jem gar-8003 (us 1981)
produced by don berman, peppi marchello,
mickey marchello and joe franco

michael bolton: michael bolton
columbia 25342 (us 1983)
produced by louis levin and gerald block
***features both bruce kulick and his brother bob on guitar***

michael bolton: everybody's crazy
columbia 39328 (us 1985)
produced by neil kernon and randy goodrum

union: union
mayhem records 11124-2/4 (us) 1998
co-produced by john corabi, bruce kulick and curt cuomo.

eric singer project: esp
(us) 1999

union: the blue room
spitfire records (us) 2000
produced by bob marlette

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