eric carr's sister

1.) please write a short bio of yourself:

well, i was the youngest of 3 children. i have another sister. i am presently in the field of graphics arts in new york city. (a woman never gives her age, you know that. i'm still young enough to rock and roll. that about sums it up.)

2.) how far apart in ages were you and eric?

mmmmmmmmm.... a few years.

3.) do you have an amusing childhood story of you and eric?

when we were kids we went to the same elementary school in brooklyn n.y. p.s. 159, eric was in the play the wizard of oz, which all his life was one of his favorite movies. we were in the school auditorium, and eric was playing the part of the scarecrow. everything was going along fine, until the part where dorothy tries to get him off the pole. he got stuck on the top. the curtains closed and all the teachers ran to the backstage area, and when the curtains opened again eric was still on the pole. he remained there the whole show, it was hilarious, my sister and i never did let him forget it.

4.) do musicians run in your family?

yes. my grandfather was a popular trombone player on vaudeville, my mom sang and played piano, my dad the trumpet, and of course my sister and i played guitar, banjo, and a few other instruments. we were in many bands in the 70's. today that goes on with my niece who sings and also plays piano.

5.) what is you fondest memory of eric?

a fans mother wrote to eric. her daughter was dying and her only wish was to meet eric. he called the women and made plans to see the little girl but she passed away before he could make it. he was broken up and never forgot it. he had flowers sent to the burial place every year. i will also never forget his kindness, and humor, he always tried to keep everyone happy.

6.) what would you like people to know and/or remember most about eric?

his great talents and the genuine ability to respect the fans. he was always more interested in learning about them. i still hear stories today of how he made the fans feel so important. also, to try to remember to never give up on your dream.

7.) what is your most prized eric carr memento?

there are many of course, first my memories. as far as eric's personal collectibles, i have some very interesting handwritten notes from different kiss era's and one of my favorites is the actual press proofs from the creatures of the night cover and posters.

8.) eric carr's rockheads are a must have for fans of eric and kiss. please tell us how they came about.

eric created them in high school and of course they have grown with the years. they can be viewed at these are eric's actual ink drawings and story concepts. we are now in the process of trying to get them taken on by certain toy companies. along with the great concepts is some awesome music. this music is performed by eric and bruce in which eric sings all the leads and plays all instruments except lead guitar in which it is bruce. (boy, are bruce's leads great.) we are always in touch with bruce and he is part owner. if you like you can also e-mail bruce and tell him how much you would like to see them become a reality.
bruce kulick's e-mail is

9.) please give us info on the rockheads website. how did it get started, what other eric carr collectibles are available, and what's in the future?

i created the website because there was no way i was not going to let my brother's concept just cease, he loved it so much and unfortunately there were great prospects before his passing. i felt every fan that sees the website is one more person, that can see eric's wonderful work . he would have wanted the fans to see it. we along with caloto have reissued eric's signature sticks. these are collectibles and only around 3 hundred pairs have been made. you can obtain a pair through the rockheads website or a link banner is on this great website lynn's kiss dominion. this is official merchandise and all orders are filled promptly. we have some eric ludwigs posters, but very few. we may do more rare collectible signature sticks and we have been approached by many other people who would like to work on various projects. (i.e. action figure, autobiography, ect.) also there is a special never released music cd with eric and various musicians, of newly discovered unreleased demo's which are awesome. these were done with simmons, eric , and mitch weissman, who co-wrote many songs with kiss. we have been working together on this project and if all goes well it will be released in cd form, in certain record stores or you can e-mail your order. but that is a bit in the future, and we will be certain to give lynn and ken at the kiss dominion all the info. if you would like to learn more about this e-mail someone will help answer your questions.

10.) in collecting eric carr merchandise, what do you think would be one of the most rare and valuable things to look for?

one of a kind cymbals and sticks. we had a few cymbals he used on the hits tour and we auctioned them and were able to donate a portion to cancer research. we do this from time to time. each item is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed by me and has a notary seal. this is one of a kind. most collectors have said that they want this kind of item. also there is a plastic stand about 2 1/2feet high, that was used as a display on music counters, of eric's crazy nights ludwig poster, which are very rare. most fans don't even know it exists. also eric is featured in the beato gloves catalog, it's a half page that was only given to store owners. and of course, some pre-kiss albums eric was on and listed on back (paul caravello).

rockheads cd soundtrack!

limited eric carr's rockheads cd soundtrack.

rockheads soundtrack
this is music recorded by eric and bruce from 1988-1989 and written by eric carr, bruce kulick, and adam mitchell.

eric sings all vocals, plays drums and guitars, except for leads which are played skillfully by bruce kulick. these songs are awesome.they have been remastered and are now being sold in cd form.

songs include:

1. too cool for school

2. tiara

3. can you feel it?

4. nasty boys

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a t-shirt in eric carr's honor.

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1.) each stick features eric carr's signature, richly printed in black ink & caloto logo

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4.) official drumsticks used by eric during his kiss career(comes factory sealed from caloto)

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