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top ten reasons kiss is
the hottest band in the world!

first prize goes to:

brian steward

10. they stand up for what they believe in.
9. because they have kept the dream alive for 20+ years and still kick ass!
8. because a "world without heroes" would really suck.
7. even in their late forties they blow away bands half ther age!
6. they care enough about the fans to give them what they want.
5. they are a lot of fun to collect ...
i dont see a hanson or manson pinball machine...thank you very much.
4. because of "us" the fans.
3. dragon boots and 'slut red" lipstick.
2. the best music of any kind in any time.
and the #1 reason is.........
1. because loud mimes are really cool!

first place: a kiss interactive cd-rom!

this cd is not available anywhere else! you can't buy it in stores.
created by troy brady, of digital media productions,
this cd-rom has it all. kiss pictures, sounds, movie clips, trivia and games!

***very special thanks to troy brady for donating this cd-rom for the contest***

second prize goes to:

gary garbett

10. kiss is a constant reminder that youth is endless.
9. kiss is a handed down heirloom from generation to generation.....
but as fresh as when it started.
8. a reason to look for 8-tracks in the bowels of yard sales.
7. a constant desire to roll the windows down and blare the car stereo
louder than the teen at the stop light.
6. because my 6 year old son loves them as much as i do......
"dad, when you die, can i have all the kiss stuff?"
( the answer was a huge laughing,... yes!)
5. alive!
4. because i got a ticket for running flashing red and blue lights inside my
"customized van" while driving downtown on a saturday night in 1977.
3. because the kiss dolls could kick gi joes butt any day
and "always" get barbie.
2. they made the "live show" the ultimate live show.
1. because if they weren't such a part of my life,
i could "walk in" to my walk-in closet!

second place: frehley's comet live+4 video!

recorded live at the hammersmith odeon in london, england on 3/19/88.
it has great live versions of "rip it out", something moved", "cold gin",
"shock me", "breakout" and "rocket ride"!
plus, it also includes the videos for "into the night", "rock soldiers",
"insane" and "it's over now".

third prize goes to:

jim lessman

10. because when i was in 10th grade, kiss taught me it was cool to be different,
and to get off the way i wanted to.
9. no matter how many times you see kiss, its always the best experience of your life.
8. because bands like maryln manson aint.
7. my mother hates them.
6. their t-shirts are the coolest.
5. gene simmons actually made oprah winfrey blush.
4. more girls flash their breasts at kiss concerts than anywhere else.
3. songs from the 70s still rock today,and will still rock 20 years from now.
2. paul stanley is a rock and roll god.
1. because everybody knows who kiss is, no matter how young, or how old,
everyones heard of kiss.

third place: eric singer's
all access to drumming video

with "all access to drumming", eric singer has put all his experience
and humor into a video that tells the real stuff needed to survive
as a professional drummer in today's world.
this video has kiss clips you can't see anywhere else!

honorable mention goes to:

daryl rogers

10. kiss gives 200 % at live shows.
9. they could have retired years ago- they didn't.
8. they are all dreamy.
7. gene's tongue. enough said.
6. pauls hairy chest.
5. ace's ability to be a vegetable and still rock.
4. peter, because he's a cat, and cats are cool.
3. they dress better than ru paul.
2. with the reunion, they are buying lots of revlon products, which i have stock in.
and the number one reason kiss is the greatest...
1. i said so.

honorable mention: kiss and sell book
by c.k lendt

the author of this book, c.k lendt, was vice president of
glickman/marks management,business managers for kiss.
he traveled around the world with kiss handling their business
and financial affairs attending nearly 800 concerts in 25 countries.

more great reasons
kiss is the hottest band in the world
from other entries.

pyro! - lee underwood

they are still going strong today - indy19312

masters of merchandising (from trash cans to boots)
- chris and mariah

they don't really need reasons for being the hottest band in the world because their fans prove it with websites, merchandise, conventions, etc. - kevin myjak

we wanted the best, we got the best, the hottest band in the world....kiss!
- michael de konink

their fans (us) are the best group of people to be with. - bethes97

kiss have given me some really great memories. - mikael thuresson

seeing a kiss show makes other bands seem downright boring!
- chris and cherie' legg

you can go to the middle of a rain forest and find some native beating
on a rock with a stick, that has a plate in his lip and a bone in his nose,
and show him a picture of gene simmons, and he'll scream,"kiss!"
- jerry m. garrett

what you see, is more than what you get! gene said it best when he told us
a kiss concert was like "ear candy". fat girls do lose weight when they're
at a kiss concert! and, you get a sun tan! why? these guys work their
collective asses off for everyone there, every night!
- ty wong

it's a tongue thing, you know... - manolo matos

watching the audience at a concert getting involved is such an exciting thing to see.
- scott l. edwards

they keep you wanting more: no matter how many times
a fan sees kiss live or how long its been since the latest release of an album,
kiss always finds a way to keep you wanting more.
the ultimate marketability skill. in new orleans on the reunion tour,
kiss came back for 5 encores. they could have done 5 more
and i still would have wanted one more song!
- tim norra

can you name a better stage show? did'nt think so. - mel korst

they have attitude. - ckrug7

the make-up faces are original. - cheyene5

peter criss has 8 lives left.
have you ever seen a aerosmith action figure?
no longer working with vinnie vincent...
- jimmy smith

they simply are the best - jeri melpolder

kiss were hated by leaders of communist countries. - pavel hromada

we love them and we need them! - maria galloway

in their 40's, they still have the balls to sing
"my parents think i'm crazy, they hate the things i do..."
and they even sound credible.
they got the best, sorry, the craziest fans in the world,
willing to pay $$$ for anything that has a kiss logo on it.
that makes kiss at least the hottest money machine in the world.
- jani mettovaara

world rock and roll heros since 1973. - mikael berndtsson

gene has kept polaroid in buisiness for years.
can be on the cover of metal edge and forbes during the same month.
- bruce gatewood

i got this thing 'in my head' and 'it never goes away' but
' i confess' that kiss is the best band in the last '100,000 years'.
- neil jennings

thanks to everyone who entered our first contest.
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