mike maniscalco

i've been a kiss fan as long as i can remember, since the '70's. my buddy and i went to a july show at madison square garden in nyc, he is an airbrush artist and painted this huge bedsheet as a tribute to ace. it was the only banner in the house that night and needless to say we had the place in a riot. before the show some guy asked us if he could take some pictures of us holding the banner. we let him and then he told us the band sent him out to do it. we didn't believe it. next we went to the new years eve show at the continental airlines arena in new jersey. before the show started, they debuted a new short movie called the second coming on the big screens in the arena. during the fan segment of the flick, there we were, we made it into the movie!!! we were so freakin' excited you wouldn't believe it. as if that wasn't cool enough, our picture was on mtv and in one of the more recent international tour programs, our photo is the biggest one on the page (5x7) right in the middle of a page near the back, it is an oversized program with a silver cover and was published by metal blade i think and it looks like a buzz saw blade on the cover. we have copies of the tour book and movie and we are expected to be in the artwork of the next live album. i found my place in kisstory!

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