the images in this section were either sent into us, or found elsewhere on the web.
                       we take no credit for their creation. but, we think they are all very cool.
                      if you feel you deserve credit for any of these images, please e-mail us.

peter criss with the infamous "tear" on his make-up

kiss pinball machine advertisement

gene simmons in the bloom county cartoon strip

kiss on the simpsons

ace frehley with a beard

a photo of kiss with their parents

alive 4 advertisement

animainiac as kiss

catman - psycho cicus game screen capture

demon - psycho cicus game screen capture

demon - psycho cicus game screen capture

starchild - psycho cicus game screen capture

eric singer as the catman

eric singer as the catman - with kiss

gene simmons on the crapper

tribute band : gene simmons

some cool live shots

portland vip kiss pass

crazy magazine kiss cover

some video captures

animated gif: some very different animated kiss images

three great pics of paul stanley as the phantom of the opera

peter criss jams with kiss at a kiss covention.

second coming kiss promo

very cool 3d ace image

animated gif: ace shooting rockets from his guitar

halloween ace concert poster

kiss as aliens

ace and slash jamming together

ace frehley's solo album artwork

godzilla with ace's action figure guitar

gene simmons' ampeg / punisher advertisement

animated gif: kiss dynasty

animated gif: vinnie vincent's guitar and logo

gene simmons' axe bass

kiss' faces on computer screens

very cool photo of ace's smoking guitar

original carnival of souls artwork (red)

a very bloody gene simmons

artwork with gene simmons in it. (pg-13)

gene simmons' daughter

gene simmons' son

gene simmons in dead or alive movie

gene simmons' high school photo

image from playboy magazine layout

kiss' got milk advertisement

gene simmons easter egg

four kiss faces morphed together

kiss collage

kiss beanie babies

kiss greeting card

photo of the kiss prowler

image from "kiss: the nightmare child" game

kiss on "the midnight special" tv show

tv guide's "millenium" show advertisement

kiss beer

halloween night / dodger stadium kiss advertisement

paul stanley with wife and son

phantom of the opera advertisement

paul stanley in a towel

paul stanley's washburn guitar advertisement

great photo of kiss' pyro

dead or alive video (back)

gene simmons in a santa hat

childhood picture of paul stanley

kiss poster on "wkrp in cincinnati" tv show

eric carr age four

eric carr high school photo

animated gif: paul stanley

kiss pepsi commercial photo

stan "doc" penridge's gene simmon's autograph


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