the band not formerly known as kiss

kiss tribute band

1.) please write a bio for the band not formerly known as kiss.

mike campion(gene) please write a bio for the band not formerly known as kiss. mike campion- gene, paul scott - paul (how convenient!), chuck mcfadden-vinnie, davey decasper- peter, sky smith- ace-

paul scott (paul) please write a bio for the band not formerly known as kiss. hmmm the ultimate party celebration of the hottest band in the world.

2.) how did the band members meet

mike campion (gene): davey and paul first thought of the idea of this specific band in late 1996, early 1997, mike was to form a revenge era tribute (no make-up) and was asked to join prior to first show!

paul scott (paul): i think the 6 degrees of seperation thing worked well for us. its a long story but along the way of life we had all met or heard of each other being on the same band circuit for years. and when davey came to me with the idea, it took some time, but we knew what we needed and luckily we ended up with the craziest bunch of kiss fans , great entertainers, and quality musicians. i think it was destiny.

3.) what sets the band not formerly known as kiss apart from other kiss tribute bands?

mike campion (gene): we are a 5 piece tribute that includes vinnie and ace...the band interacts very very much with the crowd while still maintaining a true kiss feel. the show is very exciting and a crowd pleaser for fans and non fans!

paul scott (paul): we are the five who are one. i believe we are more interested in keeping the legend alive and celebrating what kiss is about, than imitating one certain era. i believe that keeps the door open to celebrate all kiss, rather than just one tour.

4.) what's the hardest aspect of re-creating a kiss show?

mike campion (gene): knowing when to say stop!. you can get so worked up and the crowd is in such a wanna keep playing but stopping the show where it is suppose to stop always is the best move. true to kiss form....we make the crowd happy and crazy and than leave them wanting more. same regards to the stage show and outfits....some are too flambouyant and some are not enough...we try to walk that thin line and make an awesome show.

paul scott (paul): knowing when to leave the crowd hanging! as a die hard fan i keep wanting to do more songs!

5.) which songs do kiss fans request most at your shows?

mike campion (gene): doubt about it..rock n roll all nite is the crowd favorite......that gets everyone going but.....detroit is always cool after the curtain drops and the crowd meets us and we meet them. i have heard requests from war machine, take it off, journey of 1,000 years (i wanna do that one! maybe on my solo tour! hahaha

paul scott (paul): well believe it or not, rock n roll all nite. you just cant get away from it. you can change every song in the set but you have to play it! the crowd demands it. plus the die hards are always yelling our something obscure like, flaming youth, or war machine. and believe it or not. alot of 80's and 90's stuff like lick it up...unholy....etc.

6.) what are your personal favorite kiss songs to perform at shows?

mike campion (gene): i love to spit the is what i call "mike's blood spitting" in the key of 'e'

paul scott (paul): i love to do ''i stole your love'' i think thats my fave. but it will probably change tomorrow! plus i love ''god of thunder'' even though its not my vocal i think no one does it better than mike.

7.) any interesting the band not formerly know as kiss road stories?

mike campion (gene): first time we played dallas and we went to soundcheck and all was cool...made out way around dallas and found our rooms.....ate..started getting into the vehicles to take us to the show and as we pull up to downtown dallas on a sat night.......traffic is so bad..........we are suppose to be onstage in like 5 minutes and we are not even close....we did not know that sat night is a huge night at deep ellum so.....we park like 5 blocks away....we are all running thru the streets of downtown dallas...full kiss gear.......people are cheering..(most of them think we are the real kiss 'yea jackass..we are the real kiss...gene would not be caught dead running the streets like this!') we make it to the club and we are like 20 minutes late for stage time....the crowd was awesome...but we had to wait about 5 minutes behind the curtain to catch our breathe!

paul scott (paul): due to contract obligations i cant give an answer to this. but it did include nudity and a video camera!

8.) what was your favorite, and least favorite, the band not formerly known as kiss gig?

mike campion (gene): as kiss gig? favorite shows have been all 20 something shows at astroworld this past october. we played the full month with full pyro,, raining name it we had it..(almost!) and the kids...they loved could see so many of them experiencing kiss for the first time and it was such an honor to be the one to deliver it to see the kids singing these kiss songs they have never heard before by the 2nd chorus...we played to over 5,000 kids (20,000 people all together) and out of those 5,000 plus...easily....a percentage of those kids will grow up with the kiss thirst! like we did! the worst show was daquiri doubt....our sound went out on us 3-4 times during the show and we just about broke up onstage that night...that was the last show we did together as a band until this past july (1 1/2 years later)

paul scott (paul): my favorite was probably being back onstage with the guys after the break up. i think we are like brothers when it comes to this band. i missed them. my least fave was probably in galveston tx when i locked mikes keys on his truck with all of his equipment! we got the truck open after the guys beat me around the head and shoulders for a while. its not necessarily a bad gig. but that sticks out to me for some odd reason!

9.) what goals do you wish to achieve as a kiss tribute band?

mike campion (gene): to spread the work and be able to play in at least 30 states!!!!!! i cant name them....but not alaska!

paul scott (paul): to keep the legend of kiss alive and kicking. its that simple for me.

10.) what's in the future for the band not formerly known as kiss?

mike campion (gene): get our site up and rom promotional...a cool home video....start playing again in feb and start hitting the first few of those 30 states!

paul scott (paul): well our management always comes up with some cool ideas so i just hold on with both hands because its been a great ride so far and its only getting better!

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