lynn i.swanger, born lynn ingle on 9/23/65, in greenville s.c,
is a major kiss fan. actually, that's an understatement.
she's a fanatic.
since her first kiss concert in 1979, she has never let up.

this is the story and photo history
of one kiss fans past, present, and future.
you are about to enter...

the lynn chronicles!

chapter one

a mere 3 years old posed in front of a drumset
at my grandmother's house. i probably chewed the sticks more
than played them but it was better than chewing electrical cords!
(something i did a lot.)
there's a lot of drummers in my family
-my dad (he played for 35 years), my mom
(she plays many instruments,but her favorite is the dobro),
an uncle and 2 cousins - i guess i was destined to be one too.

i've always been a little flamboyant.
when i was a kid i used to put on my own circus,
plays (playing most of the parts myself),
magic shows and talent shows.
as i got older i took dancing for 10 years.

my first crush was on a clown in the
ringling brothers circus.
(you might see a connection to kiss here...)

around 1975 my dad tried to talk me into going to a kiss show,
but i didn't go (i hadn't even heard of kiss yet),
and it's something i'll always regret.

kiss did, however, peak my interest in 6th grade.

girls in my class were talking about how "gross" kiss was.
then i saw how the guys had a freaky looking
blood-spitting gene simmons picture
and it intrigued me in an odd way.

shortly after this kiss introduction
i went on a florida vacation
and bought my first kiss poster.
it was the cool bicentennial one.
it was the first of hundreds of
kiss posters, magazines, and collectibles,
and the beginning of a room
absolutely covered in kiss.

here i am around 1977 with my destroyer t-shirt.
for christmas i got all four kiss dolls.
i had a merry kissmas!

i dressed up like paul for halloween 79'.
alter the clothes a little and i could have been
dr.frankenfurter from
"the rocky horror picture show".

me with peter criss make-up on.
peter was my first favorite member of kiss.
a drummer-go figure.

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