"the dynamic rock group kiss makes its feature film debut in a spine-tingling mystery that matches kiss's extra-ordinary powers against a demented genius inventor. peter criss (catman), ace frehley( space ace), gene simmons (the demon), and paul stanley (star child), collectivley known as kiss, are scheduled for a sell-out concert at california's magic mountain amusement park when park-goers begin to vanish without a trace. behind it all is abner devereaux (anthony zerbe) ,the eccentric creator of the park's life-like cybernetic creatures. when melissa (deborah ryan) turns to kiss to help her find her missing boyfriend, devereaux feels threatened and creates cybernetic kiss look-alikes! featured is some of kiss's best music performed with stunning effects!"             


audio clips:

"no gratitude need be voiced"...gene simmons

"what do you compute,spaceace?"...paul stanley

"insufficiant data at the moment,starchild"...ace frehley

"leave it to me starchild, i'll bend these beams with my mind"... ace frehley

hear the "cybernetic kiss look-alikes" sing rip and destroy!

real audio:

hear the very first acoustic version of "beth",
performed by kiss in the film
"kiss meets the phantom of the park".

video clips:

paul shoots laser out of eye / gene breaths fire. (0.97mb)

concert footage - black diamond. (1.55mb)

kiss discuss who could be impersonating gene. (1.34mb)

kiss battle robot werewolves. (1.30mb)

kiss defeat abner devereaux. (615kb)

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