name: paul stanley
birthday: january 20
sign: capricorn
people born under the sign of capricorn
are like still waters - they run very deep.

pauls bright side:

you can trust a capricorn with anything - or anyone - you love or treasure. he's well organized, responsible, and a perfectionist about eveything he does. it's awfully hard to side-track a capricorn. capricorns have an incredibly strong character and very gentle too. you can ask for advice and he'll give it gladly, and you can rest assured that your personal story will go no further - capricorn is not the gossipy type. he's an excellent friend, very close to family and very loving - even when he's not showing it. capricorns have a great sense of business and are very ambitious about the things that mean something to him - his career for example. capricorns are very tough and respect tradition, authority, and success. his straight-ahead style gets him - if not now,eventually, - exactly what he wants!

paul's dark side:

it's very easy for a capricorn to get depressed, because so much of what they feel is kept inside. outside you see a person who's got everything under control, yet inside there usually is a gentle soul who longs to be loved and complimented. trying to second guess a capricorn is difficult indeed. sometimes he'll forget to say the things you want to hear most - not because he's spiteful, but because he thinks you ought to know how he feels. capricorns are perfectionists, and not the sort to leave most things to chance. he takes great pains to look good and to act properly. it can be just a bit unnerving, because he'll want you to be the same way!

*** the sun appears in the tropical zodiac in the sign of capricorn each year from dec.22 and jan.19  (plus or minus one day, depending on the year, time, and place you were born! ) paul's birthday is on jan 20. paul has always said he's a capricorn. ***

the chinese zodiac consists of a 12 year cycle, each year of which is named after a different animal. many chinese believe that the year of a persons birth is the primary factor in determining that persons personality traits, physical and mental attributes and degree of success and happiness throughout his lifetime.

paul stanley - 1952 - the dragon

the dragon is eccentric and complex. they have a very passionate nature and abundant health. full of vitality and enthusiasm, the dragon is a popular individual even with the reputation of being a "big mouth" and egotistical at times. the dragon is intelligent, gifted, and a perfectionist. however, the dragon can make unduly demands on others. never cautious, the dragon is not afraid when forced with a challenge.

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