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1. gene, paul and eric carr discuss their favorite songs.

2. kiss perform "war machine" in gothenburg,sweden on 10/27/84

3. eric carr does a phone interview and talks about what being in kiss meant to him.

4. kiss jam on "hey joe" and a country song.

5. lynn's band "the oath" performing "rock 'n' roll all nite".

6. listen to classic gene simmons movie lines.

7. gene simmons performing as velvet ragner
in "never too young to die".

8. eric carr and the cellarmen perform
"cry at night",a song that eric wrote
when he was 17. here he sings lead and plays drums.

9. vinnie vincent explains the secrets
of his fast playing style.

10. kiss perform "let me go,rock 'n' roll"
at the omni in atlanta,ga. on the reunion tour.

11. paul and gene do an acoustic version
of "goin' blind" on 3/17/94.

12. paul and gene perform an acoustic version
of "hard luck woman" on 1/7/93, with paul on lead vocals.

13. kiss perform "parasite"
featuring the drumming of eric singer.

14. gene and paul's pre-kiss band "wicked lester"
perform "she".

15. ace frehley's solo on the wendy o.williams
song "bump and grind". produced by gene simmons.

16. bruce kulick plays a solo blues jam.

17. a great acoustic version of "beth", performed by kiss in the film "kiss meets the phantom of the park".

18. kiss perform "black diamond" in japan,1977.

19. peter criss drum solo - japan 1977.

20. kiss perform "i love it loud"at the gaumont - ipswich,england

21. kiss perform "i still love you"at the gaumont - ipswich,england

22. kiss perform "fits like a glove"at the gaumont - ipswich,england

23. mark st.john's solos on the "white tiger" album. 1986.

24. kiss cover led zeppelin's "whole lotta love"
- new york 1984.

25. kiss discuss their decision to stay together
after peter criss quit.

26. vinnie vincent and kiss discuss how
vinnie joined the band.

27. kiss perform cold gin - detroit 1974.

28. kiss perform 100,000 years - detroit 1974.

29. kiss perform nothing to lose - detroit 1974.


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