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Funky Butt
Lyrics and Music: Ken Swanger
copyright Ken Swanger / FF Records

Like a multi-layered, high in cholesterol, greasy, cheesy full-on Mutha of a funk sandwich... I'm chomping into this one with big old bites, baby. Nice Job!! The blend of instruments is clearly a mixing masterpiece and an accomplishment of great writing. ...I like the Brown-esque "Take it to the bridge!!" Snappy kit, smooth horns, a raspy old storytellin' micman and a solid performance from the guitars, bass too. I'm sold, kids! - geniusboots Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Nice funky sound on this song. I like the song... Keep up the good work! - feelinpurple Sammamish, Washington

You seem very influenced by James Brown in this song. It sounds good...The mix and production sound great. As do the vocals, and everything else. Very solid, very tight band...I liked the overall groove, the beat, the entire song was very well done. - treestar2002 St. Charles, Illinois

Funky! Great bass line and great guitar work. The drums are tight...This is a good funk song. Good groove and nice use of keys which gives it a great retro 80s vibe in parts. It's mixed rather well also, with enough space for all to shine through. - jeff42 Hazleton, Pennsylvania

Great groove, accomplished players...The vocal tone is great... - Gruvrok

Good guitar playing... - fwerf Salt Lake City, Utah

This song has a great groove. It seems like everyone is playing in the pocket well. The vocals are strong and unique...Simply put, I like it. - 2Whyte

Cool tune, I liked the vocals...The guitar work is cool and funky. The mix is smooth and evenly placed, very listenable. The band is tight, and sounds seasoned. Overall, a really good tune, well played, and recorded well. Good one. - DaveNicar Memphis, Tennessee

I love the singers voice for this funk jam. The mix is great. I like the interaction between the guitar, drums and bass...very important for funk. Very cool bridge... Your lyrics are catchy and fun... I really like this song. Nice Job. - Guitarasutra

James Brown was here! Dance funk. It would be fun to dance to... The horns are well played and fit in good. - paddlewack Seattle, Washington

Nice James Brown parody! The vocal quality is really fun but the bass is the standout quality here... - Musician3

It is Funky! Funk rock ala Red Hot Chili Peppers/ George Clinton. Classic funk guitar and bass. Good quality sound and production. Damn funky. - antlbc Beacon, New York

Funk yeah! Great job. Beautiful bass! Awesome lyrics. Wonderful funk guitar. Kool and the Gang would be proud. Nice mix. ...Get Down, Get Down! - manikins Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

James Brown!!! The bass is phenominal. Very dancable. Very reminiscent of old school James Brown. Incredibly funky. Very tight band. Incredible production. - Ironcount Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Groovy. Definently original. - Casca Belmont, California

This has a good energy. Very unique sounding vocals. I like the funk in the trunk. I can definetly jam to this kind of sound. - jodi519 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is bluesy!!! Nice bass runs in the intro. Loved the comping guitar in the intro. The lyrics are GREAT!! Fun, and that is what music should be. The singer a James Brown fan? It shows! The horns add a nice feel to this song. The one thing that stands out to me is the bass player, he has funk dripping off him!!! Tell him GREAT JOB from a fellow bassist!

Funky guitar. ...Bass sounded good. - bdebruler Bright, Indiana

This one is on the money. The funky strut. Loved it. Great vocals... - gracie1979 Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Hey James Brown. Definitely has a vibe I recognized after the first measure. The vocals is so James but a little deeper. I like it... The music is solid. Definitely have the funk thing down cold. Fat, swanky guitar chords, horns, fat bass and a hitting drum beat that drives all the way through. Keep them coming. - jeffhigley Laguna Beach, California

X rated James Brown...This tune has a great groove and an absolutely hilarious lyric line...The vocalist has the James Brown thing down pat... The horns sound great to me, I think they carried the whole James Brown feel right over the goal line! I think that the mix definitely added to the feel...done well and it gave the song it's props... - TFitz Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This song has a great, funky feel. The guitar is really nice. It has that sixties, juke-joint sound, kind of like a stepped-up Ike Turner thing. The singer is gruff, sort of like Soloman Burke. All in all, this works. - tunesmith1948 Irving, Texas

HIT ME! Good time old school funk. Musicianship is pretty much right on throughout. Vocals are perfect for the song. Good gravelly dirty ol' man voice. Very P-Funk Allstars sound, especially with the horns. ...The song is too funky to escape. Good times, boys, keep the funk alive! - cuttingedge Tucson, Arizona

Jungle funk. Wah-tastic intro, smooth bass riff up top. Jungle boogie vocals. The band holds the groove together... Overall a good funky tune. - imprezive Deltona, Florida

Brilliance! Y’know, there’s something about songs within a genre that use the name of the genre in the song that make me smile. From the first line, “The girl got a funky butt,” to the last, “Open up the window, let the funk get out,” this song means business-- and that business is partying hard. So I love it... The vocals are pure grit, perfect... - paranoids San Francisco, California

Generally this song reminds me of "Funky President" by James Brown. The song is attractive. I like this song for its groovy and real funky feeling. - the_Miracle N.N., France

Guitars sound good...Bass topped it off... I luv the music and the beat. - EBLAZEAGG Arlington, Texas

Introduction:- Set the mood of the piece well, built slowly into the groove. Cool. Vocals:- Very dirty and raw sound, a bit James Brown I thought. Bass:- Great funky sound the whole way through and thought it was the motor behind this track. Mixed with some decent presence and eq to boot. Drums:- Some good playing... Rhythm guitar:- Strong and tight the whole way. It did it's job musically and rhythmically well. Placed just in the right spot mix wise. Guitar solo:- Nice. A short but effective solo. Arrangement:- Quite good. There were dynamics and musical breaks to impact different sections. Ending:- Nice snappy ending, this worked. Conclusion:- A good solid funk groove and a shining example of the funk genre. - JoeyMayElkins London, United Kingdom

Good funk. - armstrong1537 Austin, Texas

Layed back chilled out funk the way i like it! I like the vocalist coming in over the top of the super chilled intro by saying 'get off your funky butts!!' The brass section sounds crisp and sharp providing us with an infectious hook. There is a lovely bass sound funking you all the way through. The guitar sounds wicked and whales into the solos. - xzist

Nice funky R & B retro feel. - mcphersons_2k Havana, Cuba

A good piece of funk. - MARCSEHN La Garde Adhemar, Drome, France

Being a guitar player myself I have a weakness for anything wah-wah. I own a bunch of them and 5 of them rotate on my pedal board constantly. This guy can play and he keeps it interesting all the way through... I like the song and I like the vocals. The bass is so cool. It snaps, crackles and pops in all the right places and the drums are tight. Some nice arrangements in the brass section... Production is clean and crisp. - arminsolognier

This is a very funky song... The beat rules. - MereMusic Estepona, Malaga, Spain

This song has some very good elements. - ByronJohnson Oaklandon, Indiana

Funky... Sounds like James Brown. The song is great... The instrumentation is great. - msweber Ball State Unive, Indiana

Cool instrumentation going on in this recording, dig the trumpet! Dig the male vocals - what a raspy and soulful voice! - eurogirl Boston, Massachusetts

Cool. ...good stuff. - reinfecta East Greenbush, New York

Hip! Great song dynamics. The lead guitar through out the song adds a bit of attitude... - ristofunk Los Osos, California

Funky rhythm.... I love the mood and the vocals... - BIBSTER Tbilisi, Georgia, Georgia

This song sounds like old 80's Red Hot Chili Peppers, mostly Freaky Styley era (drum sound, wah wah guitar) - whereas the strong soloing lead guitar sounds like John Frusciante from Mother's Milk. All this added with the father of James Brown in vocals! Nice to meet you Papa Brown - you are a brutal man!! Performance: All instruments are extremely well handled. The solo guitarist has a very elaborate effect rack, really state-of-art sound, and playing skills! And he is not afraid to show this! Good horns too, I enjoy what I hear from 1:40 to 1:50. Extra credits for the bass man too. Professional and strong slap bass handling, excellent. Production, dynamics: I like the conciseness of the song, you stop it when you have said what you have to say. Also, the handling of dynamics is done very well here. You use breaks (e.g. at 1:08 and at 2:02) and bring the power occasionally down (e.g. from 2:14 to 2:23). Almost forgot, big thanks for the bass melodies in the intro from 0:18 to 0:26 and in the middle part from 2:14 to 2:23 before the bridge. Good solid piece of funk rock! Thanks a lot! - O_K London/U.K. Ylivieska/Finland, Finland

Nice guitar tone. Reminds me of James Brown. So do the lyrics for that matter. I like the little break at the end of the one minute mark. The little section at about 1:10 totally reminds me of Get Up (Like A Sex Machine). ...Musically this song is super solid. Overall I really like the arrangement. The horns are solid in this song. The guitar is awesome. Bass cruises and drums are tight. This tune is really well put together. This band is tight... Keep it funky. - jeff California

Very Pro... Very good mix and clarity. Squawling lead guitar. ...Overall this sounds funk ready!!! - tkharg Hartselle, Alabama

The music is good, with nice funky wah guitars and the drums give a chill beat to it and the bass is clean... - APGenius Bolingbrook, Illinois

...I love the instruments, especially the guitar and bass... - bassgtrst Kennedyville, Maryland

Funky? Yes! This is some very good rhythm guitar work here. There are lots of lessons in funk on this tune. And some nice distortion lead guitar. The instrumentation and arrangement are very good. The lead vocal is unusual. It's distinctive. I caught a little old Sly and The Family Stone vibe in some of this. It's a great track. - lhightire Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The singer brings the band his funk vocals. That raspy voice really brings out the band's talent and old-school jazz with funk. Which is different from most funk bands. This band has a lot of talent! good luck in the future! - Drummasternick Hamburg, New Jersey

Hot mix, I like the horns, funky guitar! - recirecords from Atlanta, Georgia

This song is the most funk-da-licious thing i've heard...i feel it in my abdula-funk-blongotta! - ZpF

This song, with a tight bassline, OK guitars, an emphatic singer, well placed horns, and well done synths and tight drums, a bass solo, and a few great guitar solos, is extraordinarily well crafted...Thumbs way up for your song... - Ferky New Orleans, Louisiana

James Brown is Back! Good song...good guitar player... - howler2 Holtsville, New York

Overall a great track! - digidudi Miami, Florida

Nice wah on the guitars...the drums, guitar, and backing keys all sounds like funk...sure enough, the vocals and bass kick in, and give it a funk feel...kudos to the guitar player....shredding licks in the background...the mix is great, and the clarity is superb....I love the breakdown before the guitar solo...the lyrics are wonderful and creative, as well...they're narrative... Great bass tone... - situsbassist Terre Haute, Indiana

Oh yeah!!! Funky Butts!!! Well, there's no doubt this is a funky tune. Good lead funk guitar... I like the vocals, and the singer really has some greasy, passion on this one... This song kinda has a classic feel to it.. The bass player and guitar player are definately familiar with funk... Overall the song was nice and convincingly FUNKY!!! Keep making music!!! - AIYOmusic Colorado Springs, Colorado

I really liked the intro and the general musicianship of this track. It has some great arrangements and the mixing and space for the drums... I liked the track, the brass arrangements and the fills (plus orchestra hit) were great... - stuartmulder Derby, United Kingdom

Very good...Love the effect you've got on the guitars the sound is lush. Goes well with the organ too...Like the style of the vocalist, cool. Original. Gruff. It's all very tightly performed and entertaining. Wailing guitars, nice. - Alchemorph Manchester, United Kingdom

Funk in the Trunk! Good play on the word "funk", reminds me of P-Funk lyrics. Musically, great composition, enjoyed the complexity with the differing instruments. - bmjband

Real funky! Love the funky rhythm guitar...some fantastic lead playing too! Nice brass, a perfect blend for the song! Great accenting and never a dull moment. The vocalist adds alot of energy in his delivery. Perfectly produced and mixed song! - ClaudiaJessie London, United Kingdom

Rhaspy Funk. The rhaspiness of the track is different. The guitar is sounding good. - bugginmalone Minneapolis, Minnesota

...the song puts a smile on my face. You've got a spunky raspy type voice. Keep up the good work. Let the funk out! - trustlove Columbus, Ohio

90's James Brown. The vocalist is clearly a fan of James Brown, and does a good job being funky. The music is funky and thus works... Nice lead guitar on this track. Bass is solid to and there is a fair amount off funky breaks and details, to make it a good funky song. - hengstenberg Copenhagen, Denmark

...very good band... - AlRozz Columbus, Georgia

Vocalist sounds like Bootsy swallowed James Brown... - freshuncut76

Really dug the sound. Catchy guitar intro with a nice hook. Funky bass line. Nice guitar solos throughout the song. Song was definitely a good funk song. Makes you wanna say, "Damn that's Funky"! - thicknessawareness Knoxville, Tennessee

Taste The Flavor
Lyrics and Music: Christof Dice
copyright Christof Dice / FF Records

This is a winner! It got my head nodding for good! Never bores you! Outstanding guitars backed by up-to-the-task grooves! Outstanding work! - indeliria

Good groove appeal and very catchy hook. Lead vocals sound like The Allman Brothers… - Goerge29 Green Ridge, Missouri

nice groovy mood... the clean guitar picking is very easy on the ears... the bass does a great job all over.. good guitar in the bridge.... good solo. - ShoottheBreeze Hokksund, Norway

Good groove. The production is good. The lead vocalist voice reminds me of Joe Cocker. The guitar has a good groove going and it creates a laid back mood for this song. - poealamode Phoenix, Arizona

I enjoy the lead guitar. Sounds like Bob Segar. - Peddlers from Brooklyn, New York

Balanced delivery and well played groove. Has a gritty edge with flavor. - pippee from Youngstown, Ohio

All the degree elements exist in this realm. - Generality

Has a feeling of hip grooveness and sounds like the Allman Brothers... - wookeet

Nice prominent drums at the start serve to emphasise a solid, original beat, and I found myself tapping my foot along before too long. Lead vocalist has a unique warmed on me dramatically as the song went on...the vocals are very solid! I like the mood change with the guitar solo - brings a lot of brightness into the song all of sudden. There's also plenty of musical space throughout the song that prevents it from being too heavy. The lead guitar is good throughout the song, it works especially well when the licks are thrown in in the chorus, as this adds to the differentiation from the verses. - Grubenstyle from Australia

Has the groove. Nice touch on guitar and tight overall. Has a southern style I haven't heard in a while. A breath of air. - Jake99 from Birch Tree, Missouri

I love this groove. I am impressed with the natural raw emotion and talent. It has a great appeal to me. - Mizz_Catsby

Has "IT". It has a real old school blues "Woodstock" vibe going down hard. Or should we say going UP fast. - joergenner from Birch Tree, Missouri

Nice Guitar on the intro-good choice of effects. The vocalist has an interesting husky voice...has a pretty good growl to it. It sound very bluesy. This song started out pretty funky but quickly evolved into a blues feel. The guitar solo has a real bluesy feel to it too. The singer delivers very nicely on the main hook-he has a Ronnie Hawkins sort of appeal. ... It's infectious... So, this is a pretty good song to kick back to with a beer on a Saturday afternoon. It's entertaining, fun. Nice work! - Jetwheeze from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Cool time and scruffy.... Can ya show me which way the river is: I need to park my van. I feel ya boys! Intense and groovin'. You sayin what ya need to say... - kaser

Has a good beat. A nice catchy tune with a good mood. Sounds like Muddy Waters or Allman Brothers. - mstogee from

This track commences with a tasteful guitar, drum and keyboard mix. A raspy and powerful male voice slides neatly into the mix. The introductory feel is pleasant... The pre-chorus was a bit more abrasive in flavor, with grungier guitars and a Hammond-ish key sound. And the bridge was a melange of squalling guitar and a swampy feel, with a vaguely threatening vocal voiceover, heavy on the sarcasm. I thought the vocals in this section were really engaging and sounded the best of all. The recording and production quality is fine. You can hear all the instruments cleanly.  My impression was that this would be a solid album track. Hard to say who the band sounds like - perhaps Blues Traveller without the harmonica? - soulsister from Melbourne, Victoria

Nice guitars. The vocalist reminds me a bit of Warren Haynes. A dirty voice, but one that is nice and somewhat soothing at the same time... The guitar reminds me a bit of the likes of Derek Trucks and Steve Kimock. It's a good blend of dirty rock guitar and nice pretty mellow groovey guitar. The wah during the bridge sounds really cool and the instrumental section is a nicely written little jam. - countryjim13 from Fullerton, California

Great intro. I like the intro / main groove. It got me movin' in my seat right away. Production wise everything is put together real nicely. Guitar solo sounds awesome. - ALLMARBLES from Redlands, California

Very nice. I like the chicago-style blues guitar at the start, and the whole track has a great bluesy sound, very reminescent of The Radiators or Gov't Mule. The vocals sound very good... All in all though, I liked this song and dug the rhythms. The guitar solo was nice in that it stuck to simpler rhythms and emphasized melody rather than speedy licks. The bass player also did an excellent job behind the solo. - akuklaa from Woodbridge, Connecticut

The song has a nice blues and hard rock feel. ...there is good talent in this band. - kranakin from Lincoln, Nebraska

An interesting blues influence. Has a good beat. ...the song rocks. - fan_natic from Lenexa, Kansas

Its a good groover with a nice style and rhythm. It's got a good presentation. All the good blues too. - MarkissRenne from Countryside, Kansas

Good vocals. The song is bluesy and rocks too. Has a modern rock mood. Its on. - Renne from Kansas City Metro, Kansas

Joe Cocker with too much caffeine...which is definitely a good thing! And the lead guitarist ads to this atmosphere. The lead vocalist's passionate voice, without a doubt, reminds me of Joe Cocker! - RusticSpirit from Somerset, California

Groovin' down. More bluesy than I expected but well peformed with a southern rock feel. - Jack_Driver from Bumfuck Texas, Kansas

Cool soulful vocals! I noticed the vocals right away -sounds so smooth and soulful at the beginning, but the melody of the song on the chorus makes the vocalist sound rough as the song goes on. Nice lead guitar, such a clear and smooth sound and the volume is at a good setting. I love the way the guitar sounds around 4:08. You got a cool little beat going on there. I guess when I first heard the vocals they reminded me of Bo Bice from American Idol, but with a little more feeling and groove than Bo. As the song went on your band and vocals kind of reminded me of Kiss and Gene Simmons vocals. - art_teacher_mj from Bemidji, Minnesota

What a hook! Steady and full of soul! Great vocal work, good sound all around, i'd buy it! Keep up the good work fellas!... - liquidlogic3 from Hot Springs, Arkansas

Solid guitars. The tempo and the quiet keyboards are terrific. The song sounds like a solid modern blues band. - MatthewMurphy from Brooklyn, New York


...I have to say this track has it's charm and is definitely funky/groovey rock. is very appealing and extremely easy to listen to. - plabill from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I would throw this in, to have on for any occasion. This is just feel good, excellent music. Wow! 2:09 an unexpected change. Nice.....I love the way the guitar licks just seem to tell a story!!! Nice work! - roguexzia from Lawrenceville, Georgia

Good catchy riff begin this bluesy piece. The lead male vocals really start off strong and at 2:07 there's an odd but impressive turn that meshes into a seething guitar lead and really gets this tune working. The same happens at 4:00 and into the ending. ...The verse vocals are original and a very interesting (very Warren Haynes). The rhythym section stays steady and once again the lead guitar is like lighter fluid across a paper mill. - aintsobad3 from New York

Nice intro. Great vocals and good melody, structure fine. Band works well together. ...overall a good song. - LadyBsMusicAcademy from Belarus

nice fluid guitar line to open the song. The vocals sound very soulful, very nice. I like the call and response guitar part as well, the song overall has a nice groove. Cool guitar solo... - willh212 from Newburyport, Massachusetts

broken promises 2004
lyrics: lynn i. swanger music: ken swanger
copyright ken swanger / ff records

it's perfect. i am sitting here playing air guitar to that awesome, ballsy lead. the lead was perfect. i was singing along with the chorus on the first listen. this tune makes me jealous as hell.
reviewed by gunslinger68ntx from hereford, texas

dynamo balladeer! a highly tasteful use of effect on the solo guitar that weaves in along strong vocals. i can say this is a "hot" song. the intro was captivating and the solo engaging. this song has the elements to interest both rockers and blues enthusiasts. the production is excellent and the dynamics thorough. one can only wonder...what else does this band have to offer!
reviewed by raginred from dona ana, new mexico

this is a great tune with killer guitar work and very well done vocals!! excellent production and recording as well!!
reviewed by gadget wizard from upstate s.c

great song! slider gives it a big thumbs up! the vocals and lead are outstanding. great tune.
reviewed by slider from upstate s.c

great tune. good everything. i love playing along with it. keep up the great work guys!
reviewed by springster from upstate s.c

fine musicianship and songwriting...
reviewed by pete berwick from chicago, illinois

strong! nice guitar arpeggios, and the lead guitar is stinging away nicely. it reminds me of some dark 80's stuff. really strong vocals.
reviewed by theshells from ottawa, ontario, canada

the lead vocals are strong...this song has a mid-eighties stadium rock feel which is coming back in.
reviewed by wmd66 from cleveland, ohio

vocals are great. the mix is too. keep on rockin'.
reviewed by chainsawluther from manchester, tennessee

oh man the keyboards really lead me in on this one really good. and the guitar sweeps me away with the brilliant tone and the volume fades. awesome. the mix sounds really good too. real smooth...real smooth. keep that guitar wailing!
reviewed by bleedingrooster from colchester, connecticut

i love the organ and the intro acoustic licks and then the reverbed guitar licks. great vocals, love the vocals and the tune and the chosen effects. i'm digging the 80's meets 90's feel. good chorus...
reviewed by sblair from san diego, california

nice moody guitar sound.
reviewed by dvdalford from egdemoor, delaware

the intro reminds me of the scorpions. the guitars are well mixed...the lead vocals sound good...the overall structure is very good. the verses and choruses work well together.
reviewed by winterhill from dorchester, massachusetts

this is my kind of song! i can't say enough how much i love the guitar leads. the vocalist has a great range and the song is very powerful. everything sounds very good in the mix. i think the chorus is great. very soulful!
reviewed by jenidralph from chattanooga, tennessee

the music reminds me of ozzy osbourne. vocals are good. lead guitar jams. good band...
reviewed by fourd5 from apollo beach, florida

santana meets tesla! the lead vocals were well done; the style was reminiscent of late 80's hard rock. the lead guitar was very much like carlos santana...the chorus is good. it had a definite, memorable hook.
reviewed by annieincognito2 from pikesville, maryland

nice intro licks from the lead guitar as well as the lead break. there is some real vocal talent here...the lyrics tell the story well.
reviewed by dantinok from hinton, oklahoma

this sounds like it could be lita ford...the vocalist reminds me of her sexy voice with attitude. i'd like to hear you live! the guitar player plays a ballsy solo! good rock band...good song!
reviewed by livedlikemurder from myrtle beach, south carolina

sonically well done! all the parts sit well in the mix and live together quite harmoniously...the keyboard has it's own place, they stay nicely in the mix here. nice relationship between the two guitar parts. it is clear the guitar player is strong in his own right. the vocalist has talent...
reviewed by peeler from brantford, ontario, canada

i like the feel of this song. this song gives me a good feeling.
reviewed by tony viamontes from new york

sweet! i love the intro! great guitar sound! great vocals! you are good!
reviewed by deadmansrum from dunsmuir, california

i like the guitar work. the mix is good. i like the instrumentation.
reviewed by tdinu from oldmar, florida

i like the song. the lead guitar is great...
reviewed by steve oeding from tell city, indiana

great beginning. the vocalist sings well and the melody is nice.
reviewed by diogolima from porto, portugal

pretty intro. sounds like a pink floyd type thing. ...the sound quality is good and it sounds like you all are decent players.
reviewed by sikodrummer from san luis opispo, california

good lead guitar performance. it's also a very good vocal performance...the singer's voice is perfect for this style of music.
reviewed by mrree

excellent guitar solo. well put together song.
reviewed by paul douglas from nottingham, notts, united kingdom

i feel the mix is solid. the lead vocals are great for this song. good guitar playing. this is a good song.
reviewed by no1lsleaving from san francisco, california

the artists definitely have talent. the chorus and verses had perfect timing. ...great music mix! keep up the good work!
reviewed by ycooljab from greenbelt, maryland

the vocals were good...the production and mix were very good.
reviewed by yellomudblanket from winnipeg, manitoba, canada

i really like the smooth feel of the guitars and vocals together. it's very mood setting and you can feel the emotion, which is surprising from something more on the mellow side. nice job.
reviewed by sabfan from new port richey, florida

super guitar! lead vocals sound really good...
reviewed by frankleman70 from huntington park, california

i'm reminded of skid row. this singer has a great voice...the lead guitar on the verses is great... the production and mix on this song is great.
reviewed by theeloi from tempe, southern territory, antarctica

killer lead vocals and a nice song.
reviewed by egoc from copenhagen, none, denmark

the lead vocals sound good. nice classic rock lead guitar. good song.
reviewed by generation from somewhere, jefferson

great song...good work.
reviewed by nils hogan from skane, sweden

this song stings like a scorpion! (a nod to one of my favorite bands...) this song is magic.
reviewed by mike connelly from jefferson city, missouri

good musicianship! solid structure and good songwriting. i like the guitar work. i like the eerie sound.
reviewed by albert flasher from crown point, indiana

the reality here is that this is a very good song. the vocalist and guitarist shine in this very well performed song. both the guitar and vocal play a strong role in the doleful, mournful mood of this effort. vocalist does a great job of hitting the high notes competently and clearly and, most importantly, on key! very good work here.
reviewed by daytonturner from portland, oregon

cool intro! the guitarist and singer do fine work here. wow, really cool guitar solo in there. not too fast, not too slow, and shows some great skill. ...good track, excellent vocals and musicianship.
reviewed by omenband from indianapolois, indinana

good band! great guitars, damn good singing. this band should be touring with tesla!
reviewed by theformula from detroit, michigan

i like the lead guitar a lot. the mix is very good.
reviewed by themilesfair from east longmeadow, masschusetts

loving the feel. a slow rockin' feel that begs you to listen. great unique voice. the mix is great with the acoustic and electric guitars. good job...
reviewed by mattmac from mountlake terrac, washington

great guitar! awesome guitar intro. the vocals are good. ...the chorus is strong. the mixing is great.
reviewed by pacolopan from gtown and wtown, massachusetts

very nice indeed. the solo guitar really makes me think of the scorpions in the 80's when they still rocked. i like the mix. everything has it's own space. especially the bass. it's perfect in my ears. this is not your average power's more bitter sweet. a nice tune indeed.
reviewed by andrew blakk from stockholm, sweden

great rock! excellent intro. reminded me instantly of the scorpions style hard rock. but then i felt i was hearing lita ford singing! i'm an 80's style hard rock fan, so this is right up my alley! guitar solo was very good. it fit the song well without being overdone. some nice licks in there. the mood of the song was sort of sad / mellow, but always had a build-up before the chorus and into the chorus, which made it big sounding. a slow, anthem type song. i liked it! this is the kind of music that needs to be back on the airwaves!
reviewed by brich68 from advance, north carolina

i liked this song a lot. it has a lot of originality. i love it so much. vocals sound like axl rose. so good...
reviewed by sask8r from igloo mansion, iceland

clearly influenced by songwriters like carlos santana, and heavy metal rockers of the 80's, this song works well in it's genre. the acoustics backing the song, and the guitar licks overtop are like the eagles and carlos santana playing together, with someone like sebastian bach at the helm on vocals. well done.
reviewed by dougmcarthur0 from winnipeg, manitobo, canada

great work! wonderful intro with some great work. the vocals remind me a bit of vince neil. the drums are nicely done... the bass is playing a nice line as well. the song is well put together, nice tight playing, good song structure, and great lyrics for this kind of tune. the mood of the song is absolutely perfect. great song, lots of fun.
reviewed by alamasare1 from waco, texas

good mood. guitar fits the rhythm very well. sounds a lot like the scorpions and the eagles mixed. good idea and good composition.
reviewed by sloanc from sandoval, illinois

great song! this song kept my attention. it had a familiar yet different sound to it. i would say it has a styx / tesla sound to it. i really liked it.
reviewed by forcryingoutloud from van buren, indiana

soulful display of songwriting! i really dig the guitar tones in the santana styled solos. they sound great and complement the smooth acoustic guitar quite well. vocalist sounds pro. overall, excellent production, talent is definitely there and looking forward to hearing more from this band!
reviewed by acelouis from sydney, nsw, australia

excellent clean guitar intro! great tone and progression. i like the chord structure. this is a great mix. nice mellow mood, but still rocking. awesome track. keep it up!
reviewed by toxicshocksynd from pawneys island, south carolina

yes! a song with substance! i really like this feel and vibe. singer is great in a definitive way. incredibly tasty guitar solo with smooth tone, beautiful. this sounds like a cross between the writings of neal schon, the vocal delivery of billy squire with the tone or feel of an early vince neil recording...blended with a george lynch style guitar attack and the rhythm section of bad company...i know...where did that come from? good song!
reviewed by maple ridge, british columbia, canada

fantastic intro! great guitar and keyboard sounds! "broken promises" is a solid hook for the chorus - tasty album cut. tasteful guitar leads - great solo in the middle! nicely written melody creates a great mood. great lead vocal: great vocal sound, good pitch.
reviewed by rasicci from north canton, ohio

...shredding guitar solo, good work.
reviewed by foolnotion45 from chanhassen, minnesota

awesome lead guitar. the drummer really knows what she's doing. the mix is very good.
reviewed by jazzbasslb75 from cave spring, virginia

nice intro! i like the overall tone... nice vocals with effects. the vocalist has a great rock voice. nice job. the guitar player is very talented. an 80's motley crue / dokken type sound. great vocalist, great guitarist.
reviewed by eminent bliss from dayton, ohio

great vocals. ...this song is well written! keep it up!
reviewed by glory fades from kitchener-waterloo, ontario, canada

i really like this song. it has a good pink floyd, led zeppelin feel to it. very good melody and very nice vocals. i enjoyed this fully.
reviewed by feign music from morristown, tennessee

i love the guitar at the start it's wonderful yet eerie at the same time, also the chorus is very well written, all the instruments blend well together to create a great end product.
reviewed by phatcowz from carleton, michigan

this is a good power ballad. i like it.
reviewed by generalpiper

chorus is good, but the verse is awesome. the vocals on the verses were fricking great! mix is great! mood is chilling. ...the drums and bass are nice and not over done. guitar solo was great!
reviewed by 1enemy3 from anchorage, alaska

this mood really takes me back and puts me in a nostalgic place. check out the range on this singer! i especially liked the "response" guitars in the vocal spaces. the chorus has great lyrics, and the hook is very melodic and catchy.
reviewed by torturesermon from brooklyn, new york

it rocks. great vocals, i like your band! it sounds very professional. great arrangement. good mood music to me. i like your style a lot.
reviewed by tarathegoddess from fitchburg, wisconsin

good guitar. ...i like the way the guitar player plays, and thought he had a beautiful vibrato... the mood is well conveyed by the lead guitar...
reviewed by harveybnd from topeka, kansas

cool guitar intro! nice vocal effect. i like the tune. good pipes.
reviewed by inmynd

frampton meets whitesnake...the guitar playing throughout is quite good...
reviewed by calradd from dunsmuir, california

yes! rock on!!!! hell yeah! this song is great! the vocals rule and the guitar are excellent! really, really, really, wicked job!
reviewed by shredchild from vancouver, british columbia, canada

Lyrics and Music: Ken Swanger
copyright Ken Swanger / FF Records

man! wow! holy crap that was awesome! i loved every second of it! keep that up! i love the guitar! you guys can really punch it out. good luck for the future, even though you don't seem to need it!
reviewed by: bizz105 from chaska, minnesota

nice guitar. i really like the guitar sound! nice groove. vocalist reminds me of the guy from tesla. good job!
reviewed by: mojorisen from westwood, ohio

like tesla reborn! i liked the overall sound of it all and a very good jammin' song. i love it. keep up the good jam!
reviewed by: jantzenpaine from dallas, texas

it's got a really good feel. the mix sounds excellent. good job!
reviewed by merk ervani from rice lake, wisconsin

great guitars. this band is tight. cool song. i'm rocking wide open!
reviewed by chadlovelove from lummi island, washington

i liked this song very much. it had an awesome guitar solo and a really good intro. i felt like they sounded like they were having a lot of fun playing together and the overall sound was very polished. good one!
reviewed by rrain2day from puyallup, washington

nice! this band rocks. vocals and lyrics are good. bass is cool.
reviewed by sir nookie22 from meadow lake, saskatchewan, canada

yeaaaa! tight! rocks!
reviewed by from stringsrich chi-town, illinois

head-bobbin' rock and roll!
reviewed by  p. knis from fayetteville, arkansas

wax that ass
lyrics and music by ken swanger
copyright ken swanger / ff records

killer guitar and vocals. top-notch song in my book!
reviewed by curcio from woodruff, south carolina

classic, feel good ass waxin' song. it's funny as hell and i love it. just a rockin' song.
reviewed by steve violence from yuba city, california

great song! very funny lyrics. i love the flow of the singer and the guitar is great also. he knows how to "wax that axe (ass)". very talented.
reviewed by sellout_cypher from indian head, maryland

classic 80's theme but with a 2000 sound! good mix, excellent production and wicked guitars. great song!
reviewed by swagg from hamilton, ontario, canada

this song reminds me of old motley crue or david lee roth, ...and it's done in the exact spirit of what they were all about, so hell yeah! the band is tight, the vocals are good, the lyrics are absolutely awesome!! this is just absolutely fun stuff, rock on!
reviewed by tejager910 from greenwich, connecticut

rock on ! i love the lyrics... great rock music should always be about chicks, booze or breakin' the law... this certainly qualifies... great rock riffs on the guitar, solid bass lines, simple drums... just the way it should be... no one getting in the way of each other and letting the vocals lead the way.
reviewed by blackwaterrock from germantown, maryland

cool track.....great party tune!
reviewed by love2drum from new haven, indiana

love it. let's wax that ass! great groove. nice lead work. love the lyrics. this is a jammin' tune!!
reviewed by gtrgrunt from salisbury, maryland

great guitar. nice tone, sounds like a blusey kim mitchell. nice song.
reviewed by royce klekte from victoria, british columbia, canada

has quite a funky little beat to it. cool track guys. i liked the vocals too.
reviewed by fhrx from phoenix, arizona rocks!
reviewed by eron from waukegan, illinois

i like the hook. the guitar solo is cool. i like the tone of the guitars. it sounds like it was mixed well and that was a good drum fill between the verses. any song that says these lyrics is ok by me.
reviewed by bob gatewood from cleveland, ohio

good hook. good guitars. great lyrics.
reviewed by smutzel from dover, pennsylvania

i like the lyrics. classic rock at it's best!
reviewed by canadianpride from toronto, ontario, canada

Cold Beer
Lyrics and Music: Ken Swanger
copyright Ken Swanger / FF Records

this band should be famous! i absolutely loved this song! it's better than 99% of the crap out there, and i want to hear more!!
reviewed by smackjasper from emporia, kansas

yeah!!! good guitar intro... good ole boy country fun song. some nice vocals and upbeat tempo to help you forget all the crap around us these days.
reviewed by: bim from hamilton, ontario, canada

good time bar drinking, bar hopping song. fun and delightful. what more can one say?
reviewed by hamfan from findlay, ohio

good job. i bet it's a crowd pleaser. nice funny lyrics. nice job. fer some reason i'm thirsty...
reviewed by gladtobehereboy from pontiac, michigan

this is a really nifty tune!!! nice lead guitar work! i got a kick out of the lyrics! this song really put a smile on my face! very creative!!!!
reviewed by ray sweeney from king of prussia, pennsylvania

wow, this is great. i love the guitar soaked in reverb and the lyrics are fun...reminds me a bit of robert earle keen meets dr. hook. production is great!
reviewed by dowserdivine from vancouver, british columbia, canada

anyone for a beer? this is a great party song. nuff said.
reviewed by mcporeed from pensacola, florida

music and lyrics felt good to me. you do a good job with "talking" the verse. great chorus. nice work. i want a cold beer right now.
reviewed by panelmusic from philadelphia, pennsylvania

hey, i love this song! great job, keep up the great work.
reviewed by brandi ward from scottsville, kentucky

i like beer and i suspect that those who like beer will be able to relate to the lyrics of the song. i bet if you play this song in the pub circuit around 12:30am, people will flock to the stage with cold beer.
reviewed by likewater from toronto, ontario, canada

this is quite a drunken field party song. a sing-along for all good rednecks. yee haw. i like the singer (reminds me of travis tritt), and the playing. your mix is right on as well. neat beer praise song. i liked it.
reviewed by kingkilroy3 from rose hill, virginia

classic country. drankin' n' stankin'. this one should be on the jukebox right next to: "roll another number for the road".
reviewed by lena18 from queens, new york

cold beer! yeah! good guitar sound, well played. vocals sound good up front. great bar band tune. club owners would love it, helps sell more brew. music well recorded.
reviewed by longisland from patchogue, new york

10 out of 10 for beer. great lyrics! i  love the beer part. vocalist sounds like he had just enough beer to get this one right. this song could get you a lot of beer.
reviewed by scaleburner from halifax, nova scotia, canada

great song in the tradition of willie nelson - well, it doesn't sound like willie, but the song carries his good time spirit. i like it. in fact, i wouldn't mind covering it sometime with my band.
reviewed by billy bob innis from seattle, washington

i like the attitude of the song. ...the performance was great. i think the lead singer has a lot of personality in his voice and i really believed what he was saying. i think to be able to sing a hit song you have to be believable and he was. the vocals were out front and i could understand every word. this is a real plus in selling a song. keep them songs coming. you will do good in this business.
reviewed by jess vern from cookeville, tennessee

this is so cool it hurts, way to go fellows!
reviewed by sinnersriver from tacoma, washington

this one will wet your whistle...if you have a friend in a bottle of beer, this is your song...this little ditty is certainly fun...cute lyrics. the vocals pull it off. they have the right sound for this song...musical arrangement fit the mood.
reviewed by 3rdsister from ponce de leon, florida

funny lyrics. performed very well. this type of song needs the slurry sounding vocals, and you've got it down. the hook was great.
reviewed by blueiis2 from barnhart, missouri

feel good beer drinking song. reminds me of hank williams jr. the vocals are great, nice and twangy, just perfect for this song. the melody and musicians did a good job. makes me smile.
reviewed by mcjen from shreveport, louisiana

country with a fun kick. good job, great kick off and the lyrics are great. great song.
reviewed by singer24 from muscle shoals, alabama

cool song. great lyrics! nice on gigs while i'm having a beer with some friends. solo guitar is cool. this is the first "hoompaapaa"-song that i can really appreciate. good work there!
reviewed by melissa c. from schiedam, zuid-holland, netherlands

this is a song i think a lot of folks will enjoy. i sure did!
reviewed by nells from edgewater, florida

sounds like good ol' boy, old time country, ya'all! nice. pass me a brewski!
reviewed by bunolagirl from elizabeth, pennsylvania

good tune, good vocals. lyrics are good. good structure. keep it brewin!
reviewed by bmgrojam from birmingham, michigan

one of the funniest and truest songs of all time. this is hilarious and good at the same time. great job!!!
reviewed by mobarrineau from nashville, tennessee

great tune! i really enjoyed the lyrics. recording was done well. nice job!
reviewed by swampbrother1 from orlando, florida

you cant go wrong with a song about beer!! sounds like a hit to me...this is a very good song...much better then most i hear here....and its short when its over you say...lets hear it again...instead of like so many songs..when is it gonna end?
reviewed by shardez from geneva, illinois

david allen coe vibe. humorous lyrics. good band sound. roadhouse country baby! good party sounding song, possible sing along. no 12 step program needed here?!?
reviewed by shakennot1 from speedway, indiana

nice guitar work. interesting song concept. yea! i bet this is a sing-a long in the bars. good job. universal!
reviewed by kmonn from columbia, missouri

a honky-tonk beer anthem! the lead vocal is like a countrified randy newman, make that a drunk countrified randy newman. it works with this arrangement and subject matter (ice cold beer). good lead guitar work -- it contributes a lot to the rollicking feel of the song. a  friday night honky tonk drinkin' anthem.
reviewed by uncleslosh from missoula, montana 

Down and Dirty
Lyrics: Lynn I. Swanger Music: Ken Swanger
copyright Ken Swanger / FF Records

strong entrance!! strong recording...nice mix! vocalist sounds sexy...and that always catches someone! the music rockin' out behind it definitely helps. sweet guitar work, tastefully done! solo sings! nice drive on the drums...strong steady rock...kudos to the drummer! good production. great job! keep rockin'!!!
reviewed by: lanatra1024 from brooklyn, new york

coming straight out of the 80's, and that ain't a bad thing! this definitely has that sound, 8th note riffs, hooks between lyrics, keyboards and scratchy vocals. nice lead in the solo. solo has some nice dynamics to it.
reviewed by: mickeyspee from new albany, indiana

the production is well done, and everything is equalized very well. the vocals sound cool, and the effect on the vocals is just enough for that sound to come out good. the drums are crisp, which i look for in songs. the guitars are good, and so are the lead guitars. good retro sound, ready for radio.
reviewed by nnrocks from milwaukee, wisconsin

great singer, excellent voice! tight performance!
reviewed by roadprophet manasquan, new jersey

this chugs along like all good crue, ratt, l.a guns etc. great middle 8, rippin' guitar sound, honest pub rock. yeah!
reviewed by paddyboy from frankston, victoria, australia

get off my back
Lyrics and Music: Lynn I. Swanger
copyright Lynn I. Swanger / FF Records

whitesnake goes country! the song was fun. the vocals were really good. i liked the track.
reviewed by latwtybrd from las vegas, nevada

this song  just reminds one of the fact rock and roll will never die. bluesy, rockabilly guitar. very nice. i like the switch off vocals. makes it interesting. nice driving beat and it is not about cars either. and the song does not go on and on forever. perfect length. well done.
reviewed by: caol from somewhere in, utah

bar room boogie kings! well you boys cooked up a good ol' boogie woogie stomp here. you all sound like you've been playing a while and know yer stuff backwards and sideways too if i'm not wrong. i reckon you'd make any night you played a party night! i'm more of a straight country boy myself, but i could shake a tailfeather to this!
reviewed by dusty2001 from birmingham, alabama

great roadhouse tune. nice sax solo. this song has a good blues/roadhouse feel to it and the playing on it is great.
reviewed by: heavyp from mesa, arizona

good rockabilly. i like the lead vocals and the backup vocals. very close to being the blues. guitar work is excellent. like the lyrics too.
reviewed by obg from canton, wisconsin

southern fried honky tonk! hot intro! great vocals! a real exciting song. it's got the beat. it's got the heat.
reviewed by cactoos from fort collins, colorado

somebody pour me a whiskey!!! this reminds me of a honky tonk back home! it's a great song to go out dancing to!
reviewed by inthroeve from denver, colorado

good happy upbeat groove. i love the sax and guitar solo. nice jammin'!
reviewed by jbslimp from austin, texas

lively song! this is a fun one to listen to.
reviewed by sassafrass from mississauga, ontario, canada

rock on!! nice lively production. i like the way the guitars wail out the music.
reviewed by toki5 from newport news, virginia

having a good time is the way to go. this band is playin' the standard honky tonk tune. ...the tune moves so well.
reviewed by trashman from cohoes, new york

very good. great rock voice. good melody. really enjoyed the song. good mix etc.
reviewed by jane k from melbourne, victoria, australia

good bar song. nice honky tonk. great beat.
reviewed by zyzo from kansas city, kansas

oh man i love the sax. this grows on you. ...this is cool. i like it.
reviewed by stratrat villa rica, georgia

cool stuff. i like that sax, good arrangement, good song. you guys are good and sound somewhere between rod stewart and don henley. good job.
reviewed by ozellblack from tampa, florida

party on dudes! excellent tune!
reviewed by harmonymusic lumby, british columbia, canada

honky tonk time! honky tonk with a modern twist, great sound , really cool beat. the sax and lead guitar solos are great. i like the vocals and lyrics. the band is tight and has one heck of a good sound.
reviewed by norrismusic from lynchburg, virginia

great tempo in this upbeat tune. the production and some good players make this a fun track to listen to.
reviewed by bim from hamilton, ontario, canada

great gig song! nice rough voice, good guitar playing. first song i heard here with a sax solo. nice use of stereo in the production. nice rhythm, think this is a great band for gigs! good lyrics, you made your statement, i'll get off your back!
reviewed by melissa c from schiedam, zuid-holland, netherlands

this is neat! i'll get off your back as soon as i tell you i like the vocals and the beat to this song...get off of my back....words i use a lot... i like the sax in this as well!
reviewed by amberrose from walnut hill, florida

very sound players. very well done!
reviewed by sinnersriver from tacoma, washington

intriguing. really enjoyed the guitar work; great riff, great solos. the piano pieces weren't too shabby, either. very listenable piece!
reviewed by tcharri from jemison, alabama

rock on! nice straight country rock song.
reviewed by tfordf250 from sonoma, california

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