i'm sandra d'jong from belgium, i'm a 34 year old kiss fan , i've been a fan for about 17-19 years (i can't remember excactly when it started, but it was before "i was made..."). unfortunatly here in belgium it's rare to find kiss information, but now i'm on the net, i can find everthing i need to know about my favourite band. i love paul the most, why? he makes the best songs, has an incredible powerful voice and is the most sexy man on earth. when i hear his voice, i get all warm inside. so, that's why i made 2 drawings of him without make up (that's more difficult than with make up, because of the impression on the face).

to kiss: i would like to say that your new cd (psycho circus) is very good and that i'd like to meet you on your upcoming tour. that would be a dream come true.

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