in kiss: 1972 - present

gene simmons - bass guitar / vocals

born - chaim witz, later changed name to eugene klein
birthdate: august 25,1949
born in: haifa, israel

widely known as the vampiresque bassist of kiss, gene simmons is highly visible (and totally unmistakable) onstage with his leather bat wings and dripping blood; and fire spews from his mouth. aside from producing the visual extravaganza, simmons also puts out straightforward, steady bass lines.

gene simmons formed kiss in 1972 with guitarist paul stanley.
gene started playing bass at 16, sighting the beatles as a major influence.

gene has a bachelors degree in education from sullivan county college, and speaks four languages fluently -
hebrew, hungarian, english and german.

gene is an inductee of the rockwalk of fame in hollywood, california.

kiss releases with gene simmons

***greatest hits and compilations excluded***

kiss (gold), hotter than hell (gold), dressed to kill (gold),
alive! (4xplatinum), destroyer (3xplatinum),
rock and roll over (2xplatinum), love gun (3xplatinum),
alive2 (4xplatinum), gene simmons (platinum), dynasty (3xplatinum),
unmasked (gold), music from the elder (n/a),
creatures of the night (gold), lick it up (platinum),
animalize (2xplatinum), asylum (platinum), crazy nights (platinum),
hot in the shade (platinum), revenge (gold), alive3 (gold),
mtv unplugged (gold), carnival of souls (n/a),
psycho circus (gold)

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