snare signed by

gene simmons/paul stanley

eric singer

bruce kulick

kiss did a "meet and greet" at the roxy in atlanta,ga.on june 21,1993. gene,paul,bruce and e.singer all signed this snare head. paul was really nice and polite and took the time to get my name right. i gave gene a tape of my band and he looked genuinely interested.  eric singer was really friendly.even though i love peter criss there's no denying that eric singer is tops. bruce did his job but looked kind of bored. i have looked at his autograph up and down,and still can't see how it says bruce kulick.(hand cramps perhaps?) i would have liked to have gotten a picture with gene but after a hundred girls flirting and taking up everybody else's time,i had to "hurry up" according to the "polite but firm" staff.-lynn
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