so you think you know all about kiss,huh?
then take lynn's kiss trivia challenge!

being a kiss fan in the 70's was'nt easy.
when you bought a magazine to read about kiss,
you also had to wade through
the bay city rollers, leif garret, and shaun cassidy
(among others).
so, for each correct answer you get 10 points.
but be careful, if you see the bay city rollers-deduct 5 points.
for leif garret- deduct 10 points.
and whatever you do, stay away from
shaun cassidy- deduct 15 points.

you'll need a pencil and paper to keep score. good luck!

1. where was "rock 'n' roll over" recorded?

the record plant
the nanuet star theatre
electric lady studios
muscle shoals recording studio

2. where did kiss break a beatles attendance record?

the hollywood bowl
tokyo's budakon
detroit's cobo hall
madison square garden

3. where was kiss' first professional gig?

the paladium in queens,new york
studio 54,new york
rainbow station in the bronx,new york
the coventry in queens,new york

4. where was alive 2 recorded ?

detroit's cobo hall
madison square garden
los angeles forum
tokyo's budakon

5. which television star sang back-up vocals on
gene simmons' solo album ?

farah fawcett of "charlie's angels"
john schnieder of "dukes of hazzard"
katey sagal of "married with children"
erin moran of "happy days"

6. which drummer played drums on dynasty and unmasked ?

ginger baker
carmine appice
anton fig
jason bonham

7. gene simmons discovered, financed, and produced
the demo tape for which popular rock group?

motley crue
van halen
twisted sister

8. which popular singer did bruce kulick record an album with ?

 george michael
michael bolton

9. who started the kiss army ?

neil bogart
shaun delaney
bill aucoin
bill starkey

10. where was the cover of kiss alive taken ?

bob jones auditorium
cobo hall
michigan palace
madison square garden

11. where was ace frehley electrocuted and
knocked unconscious onstage ?

the megadome,tx.
lakeland civic center,fla.
the forum,ca.
the omni,ga.

12. who is the only member of frehley's comet
to record on all 5 frehley's comet releases?

richie scarlet
anton fig
tod howarth
john regan

13. who played drums in paul and gene's
pre-kiss group wicked lester ?

tony zerella
brooke ostlander
eric criscoula
steve coronel

14. in what city was gene simmons' solo album recorded ?

los angeles,california

15. which former ozzy osbourne guitarist
recorded an album with eric singer ?

jake e. lee
randy rhodes
zakk wylde
jake e. lee and zakk wylde

16.who does gene simmons thank from edmonton on his solo album?

the girl with the purple and green hair
helen reedy
bill aucoin
the girl with the pink and yellow hair

17. who plays bass on "i still love you" ?

paul stanley
bob kulick
eric carr
gene simmons

18. what was the name of ace frehley's home studio ?

ace in the hole
ace's place
ace of hearts
spaceace recording

19. which kiss member was locked inside a car
after being drunk at the "hotter than hell" photo shoot ?

paul stanley
ace frehley
peter criss
gene simmons

20. which kiss member participated in a celebrity paint-ball tournament ?

peter criss
ace frehley
gene simmons
paul stanley

let's check your score!