papa smurf has been "demonized"
ever since the psycho circus came to the village.

smurfette in ace frehley-style makeup and costume
giving jokey her own version of "shock me"!

the smurflings do their own version of
kiss' creatures of the night album cover!

by:vic twenty george, westfield, ma.

empath: the luckiest smurf
"we smurf it loud (here smurfs the wild animals)"
story by vic twenty george
based on the smurf concept of characters by peyo
inspired by the four musicians known as kiss and adapted from the cartoon series episode sing a song of smurflings

sometime after smurfette's ray of sunshine concert had played successfully to the crowd of smurfs who had seen the best musical show they had ever seen, the smurflings began to feel somehow different about their own music. they remembered when they first came into the village -- nat, snappy, and slouchy -- how they got bored with listening to brainy's symphonic orchestrations and decided to create a sound all their own to break up the musical monotony. by creating their own instruments out of discarded cookware and other items, the smurflings developed what would eventually be called "smurf 'n 'roll", writing and performing their first song called "smurfbop". brainy thought the smurfling style of music would never catch on, but as it turned out, "smurfbop" became such a popular tune among the adult smurfs that several of them were inspired to create music bands of their own, using the smurfling style but adapting it to other instruments to make their own songs.

now the smurflings are at the point where the very style of music they created for the smurf village was no longer theirs, and "smurfbop" was now a distant memory in the minds of many adult smurfs whose minds are still fresh with the sounds of smurfette's ray of sunshine. empath sensed that the smurflings felt betrayed and shut out of the spotlight again, since spinner would rarely ever play "smurfbop" anymore at any of the village dance parties. he made a suggestion to the smurflings that they should take a break from their music and explore the world around them for new ideas. so the smurflings took that idea to heart and went out into the forest to see what could give them those new ideas when they encountered some wild animals in a violent dispute over territory. nat was ready to get between the fighting animals to break it up and settle things peaceably, but snappy pulled nat back, deciding to just sit and watch the fight unfold. sassette and nat weren't very comfortable about watching wild animals attacking each other, even as they noticed a hawk and a dragon now getting into the fray, but snappy and slouchy didn't seem to mind. in fact, they thought this interaction was entertaining in itself and that they could give the adult smurfs something more than watching brainy flapping his mouth and jokey pulling his surprises on unsuspecting smurfs to watch. snappy and slouchy even found themselves playing imaginary instruments as they saw which of these animals became the victor.

with their newfound inspiration, the smurflings decided to create the very things they would need to make a whole new image for themselves and their music. borrowing actor's theatrical makeup and tailor's sewing shop, the four of them designed costumes that would reflect their new personas -- sassette became the bat-dragon, slouchy became a fox, snappy became a wildcat, and nat became a hawk. but that was only the start of that change. building some guitars of their own that made the same loud growling and squealing noises as sloppy's "caterwauling" guitar as well as a new drum set that was louder than snappy's old set, the smurflings immediately went to work on making up some new songs that would make as much an impact as their new look. from that, the smurflings renamed themselves as the wild animals.

over the next few days, the smurfs found themselves constantly assaulted by the loud noises of the smurflings' new instruments as they rehearsed their new songs over and over to make sure everything came out perfect. some smurfs found it hard to concentrate on their work with all that racket going on, and it was hard for any smurf to sleep at night for the same reason. but that wasn't the only thing about the smurflings that changed. one day, they made a public display in front of greedy's kitchen during lunch. they took some of their stuffed animal toys, ripped out the wool stuffing inside them, replacing it with squashed ripe tomatoes, and play-acted as if they were eating live animals that were freshly-killed. the sight of the smurflings doing this fake devouring was enough to make a good deal of adult smurfs feel really sick and abandon the rest of their meal. other times, some smurfs felt as if the smurflings were stalking them in various locations, and even jokey found himself the unfortunate victim of a smurfling stalking as one of them suddenly poured a mixture of creamed corn and split pea soup right on top of him. the smurflings laughed when they saw jokey and a few other smurfs get really nauseous, adding their own to the dumped mixture, but empath and polaris looked angry when they saw the smurflings on top of a roof.

this radical change of appearance with the smurflings, in addition to their new and totally shocking mannerisms, eventually became a concern of most of the adult smurfs. they now saw this wild animals act as disgusting and not befitting of how a true smurf should act. even baby smurf would not come near them because they became too scary with the face makeup. papa smurf, who became very disappointed with this change of behavior in the smurflings, personally told them that their grotesque displays would have to stop or else he would take away their instruments and forbid them from interacting with any other smurf for a period of time as punishment. disgruntled that the adult smurfs now saw their wild animals personas in the same light as brainy once did their original style of music, the smurflings decided to take their act on the road and find somebody else in the forest that would better appreciate their new music. empath, who felt guilty for having suggested that the smurflings should find new inspiration for their music, warned them not to go too far out in the woods, where the real wild animals would prove to be more dangerous.

finding a quiet spot in a hollowed-out tree stump where they figured their music would disturb no one, the smurflings decided to practice their music some more. as they continued to play louder and louder, they did not notice an unidentifiable two-legged creature that happened to stroll through the forest when it heard the high-pitched squeals, the loud low growls, and the thunderous bangs that came from the smurflings' instruments. this chaotic mixture of noise began to irritate the creature to the point where it couldn't stand hearing it any longer and started on a mindless rampage, knocking down and tearing through anything that got in its way.

back in the village, the adult smurfs were still trying to understand just what it was that made the smurflings decide to act like animals when they heard the roar of the disturbed creature coming toward the village. empath and polaris both decided to intercept the creature and try driving it back into the forest with minimal force. but neither of them could link their minds to the creature's -- it was too full of uncontrollable rage and pure unreason. they also tried to physically move the creature away, but it was too heavy and its skin was too dense for them to make the creature feel any physical pain. suddenly, the creature just slapped them out of the way and proceeded toward the village, oblivious to anything but the echoing chaotic noises inside its head. papa smurf directed the other smurfs to begin a temporary evacuation of the village while he, hefty, and handy would stay behind and try to stop the creature from destroying the entire village.

while all this was going on, the smurflings decided to head back to the village when they saw this creature roaring wildly and stomping down smurf houses in its path. snappy was already thinking that they could play a wild tune to make the creature leave the village, but as slouchy played some chords from his caterwauling guitar, the creature shrieked as if it was being tormented again by some unknown force. when empath heard the squeals of the guitar, he realized that the creature was affected by noise and that the wild music was making it feel more distressed. he suggested to the smurflings that they should try playing something more soothing to see what would happen. the smurflings didn't know what exactly they could play that would have any effect other than further irritating the creature. but sassette already had a tune in mind they could try, and so they began to sing a ballad that they were working on -- "beast, we hear you smurfing, but you must smurf home right now." and as they played and sang, the creature suddenly stopped crushing smurf houses and began to feel at peace with itself again. empath suggested that the smurflings should keep playing that tune to lure the creature back into the forest, which is what they ended up doing.

the rest of the smurfs and even polaris psyche were astonished when they saw the beast depart back into the forest after the smurflings had played that one song that was very different from their new loud music style. empath had a feeling that this creature was very vulnerable to noises that were soothing in their melodic nature, and the smurflings' drastic switch was what it needed to calm itself down. it was then the smurflings felt that their wild animals style was simply too much for them and decided to go back to their original style, even if the adult smurfs wouldn't listen to it anymore. but as fortune would have it, spinner was demanding the smurflings to record their wild animals music because a good deal of the adult smurfs couldn't get enough of tunes like "we smurf it loud", "calling dr. smurf", "hotter than smurf", "keep me smurfin'", and "smurf me wild". surprised by their sudden newfound wave of popularity, the smurflings gave in to spinner's request and soon found themselves back in their wild animals costumes performing the loudest and wildest music they ever made live. and while brainy continued to complain about the smurflings' style of music, nobody needed to complain anymore about how the smurflings acted on stage while playing.

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