in kiss: dec.1982 - mar.1984

vinnie vincent - lead guitar

born: vincent cusano
birthdate: august 6, 1952
born in: bridgeport,ct.

vinnie vincent replaced ace frehley in kiss in 1982. he got the gig because kiss had a tour booked and had'nt found an official replacement, and was hired even with gene and paul's apprehensions. he had already recorded with kiss on "creatures of the night" but made his debut as an official member on the "lick it up" album.

vinnie's egyptian warrior character was actually created by paul stanley in late 1982. before joining kiss in 1982, vinnie was a staff songwriter for the tv program "happy days".

friction between vincent and kiss came to a head when he was fired after the "lick it up tour".

kiss releases with vinnie vincent:

***greatest hits or compilations excluded***

creatures of the night (gold), lick it up (platinum)

notable non-kiss releases from
vinnie vincent

vinne vincent invasion: vinnie vincent invasion
chrysalis bfv-41529 (us 1986)
produced by vinnie vincent and dana strum

vinnie vincent invasion: all systems go
chrysalis 209-11 (us 1988)
produced by dana strum and vinnie vincent

vinnie vincent: euphoria
metalluna records llc (us 1996)
***this is a four song ep***

vinnie vincent: archives
metalluna records llc (us 1998)
***this is a box set***

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